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Updated  Jan 13 2021
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Aeonmed - VG70
Can you just check the vent by putting a circuit on rather than using the shorter test tubing?

RE: Aeonmed - VG70
Updated  Dec 29 2020
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Puritan Bennett - 840
Does anyone know where to get a hold of the 840 (ventilator test software) if it's still even out and about? Any info would be great, thanks.

RE: Puritan Bennett - 840
Updated  Dec 29 2020
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Draeger - Savina 300
I need Service manual of Dreager Savina 300

RE: Draeger - Savina 300
Updated  Dec 30 2020
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CareFusion - Vela Ventilator
When i turn on unit screen is black LCD is working but software does not working so anyone can help me? Thank you for support

RE: CareFusion - Vela Ventilator
Added  Dec 24 2020
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Impact Instrumentation - EMV+
I just got a few of these machines and wondering if anyone knows how to change the default parameter. ie - every time you turn on Starting FiO2 is 100, set to program Ti instead of I-E, alarms start wider. Is thier a secret programming mode? These were rolled out quickly due to covid and the Rep has not come for biomed traning yet, not sure if he will soon as they have been rolled out across 20 sites and we were an after thought.

RE: Impact Instrumentation - EMV+
Updated  Dec 16 2020
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Draeger - Evita XL
Service manual

RE: Draeger - Evita XL
Updated  Dec 7 2020
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Breas - Vivo 50
Hello. I wanna change the language in my vivo 50 ventillator. Thank you

RE: Breas - Vivo 50
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Newport Medical - HT50
I have had these vents on a back shelf but have pulled them out for the pandemic. I have realized that when I hook up the high pressure oxygen venturi Blender that no oxygen is being delivered. Perhaps they were installed wrong? I have used giving oxygen the other method explained in the manual but wondering how I can get the High pressure system to work. Does anyone have an installation guide for these? Any other advice?

RE: Newport Medical - HT50
Updated  Dec 30 2020
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MAQUET - Servo-i universal
My air module malfunctioned, I have some extra but not sure if they are for the Servo300 or ServoI, how do I tell the difference. I have read that they are not interchangeable but wonder what will happen if I put the wrong one in. Thanks In Advance.

RE: MAQUET - Servo-i universal

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