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Updated  Aug 27 2020
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GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE B450

RE: GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE B450

Ali Youssef replied a month ago

Updated  Aug 12 2020
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Mindray - VS-800
Hi everyone, i have a problem with the monitor, the preassure pump is out of range, and for calibrating i need the password. Thanks.

RE: Mindray - VS-800

Christopher Guzman Pacheco replied a month ago

Updated  Aug 7 2020
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Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5
Any thoughts on what would cause an abrupt appearance of an SRAM error message, and whether or not it is a straightforward fix, given the age of the monitor?

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5

ReNew14 replied 2 months ago

Updated  Aug 9 2020
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DRE - Waveline EZ Max
Need manual

RE: DRE - Waveline EZ Max

CMB7 replied a month ago

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Critikon - Dinamap Pro 1000
I need orginal part number for a Temp probe for the 1000 that has a jumper wire on telephone plug side. I have one part number TH-2880A but this is not the orginal number

RE: Critikon - Dinamap Pro 1000

Ali Youssef replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jul 23 2020
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Philips - IntelliVue MP20 and MP30
Hello I Recently bought a used intellivue mp30 (Neonatal) as my old mp30 keeps shutting down by itself. anyway the problem is that my old monitor had this many preinstalled Screens, like for example Vital parameters with trends or 1 wave Sp02, etc. but the new one does not have this preinstalled screens, it only have standard Adult, Neo or Pedi but no trace of vital parameters with trends! it does not even allow me to manually configure that. I have access to configuration mode and the software version seems identical. any idea way there is such an option on the neonatal?

RE: Philips - IntelliVue MP20 and MP30

jroberts replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jul 22 2020
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Datascope - Passport XG

The cable on our passport XG power module was accidentally pulled out. Two wires became disconnected a blue and a yellow with a green stripe. I see two connections on the circuit board, but not sure which wire goes where.

RE: Datascope - Passport XG

T-Lobato replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jul 22 2020
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Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5
What would be the cause for a blank Normal Screen when the other screens work?

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5

MedWrench Kari replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jul 2 2020
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Philips - SureSigns VS4
I have 2 Philips VS4s that have a blank blue screen after you try to take blood pressure..unit loads up fine and goes to home screen but once you try to take blood pressure the screen goes this a board issue?

RE: Philips - SureSigns VS4

Ali Youssef replied 3 months ago

Updated  Jul 7 2020
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GE Healthcare - Dash 4000
I need to integrate GE DASH 4000 monitors into my medical data network. 1 - Can I integrate without using Carescape through an API? 2 - Should I use direct serial cable or null modem and an RJ45 converter? (which part number or cable and converter pinout specification?) 3 - Would someone have the original format of the message sent by the monitor so that we can transform it into HL7 V2.x? Please, do any colleagues have tips or experience with this model? Thank you very much for any help ...

RE: GE Healthcare - Dash 4000

jroberts replied 3 months ago

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