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Updated  Apr 2 2024
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Good Morning, I am trying to get a quote on a warmette. Would you be able to assist me with that? I am an Employee at the San Francisco VAMC an would like to purchase if possible. It would be great if you can get back with me at your earliest convenience .

Not sure if we still have a contract. It's been a while since we've purchased.

Thank you,

April Johnson-HIll

Equipment: Olympic Medical - Warmette Model 10 and 20

RE: Olympic Medical - Warmette Model 10 and 20
Updated  Mar 26 2024
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trying to order fan parts for Getinge 5624 serial # J064108

Equipment: j064108

RE: Getinge - 5624
Updated  Jan 26 2024
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Looking at a DC250 blanket warmer and getting error code ES11. Followed troubleshooting ideas of checking the pad sensor and connections, no luck. Any other suggestions? 

RE: Enthermics - DC250
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Having trouble setting the temprature on the lower warmer.

Equipment: STERIS - QDJ04

Added  Dec 28 2023
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Has anybody had a problem with a fluctuating temp on both displays?

Added  Nov 29 2023
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Cabinet is not getting warm; it says temp is over 120 but the blankets are lukewarm. Where would i test the heating element at the circuit board or the heating element itself?

RE: Getinge - 5618
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Medwrench support - this a safety cabinet (or hood), not a warming cabinet.

RE: Thermo Scientific - HERAsafe
Added  Nov 17 2023
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how are the hinges removed and reinstalled?

Equipment: Scientek - SWC 015-041

RE: Scientek - SWC 015-041
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Need relay and heater part numbers

Equipment: Olympic Warmette 1056910

RE: Olympic Medical - Warmette Model 48
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Hello to All,

We have this Kendro unit (made in 2003). First the door did not move with the remote control but worked with the mechanical "pilot switch". After a while it did not want to move much with the "pilot switch" either: upon switching the door moved only a few inches and stopped. So the "pilot switch" had to be pushed several times to move the door up and down completely. Now, the door does not even move  with the "pilot switch". 

I have checked the DC motor of the door, it uses about 800mA at 36Volt. It seems OK. The door seems to move without any noise so the mechanism seems OK. too.

The PSU that gives the 48V seems to be working, I put a 500mA load to the output the 48V and it was stable.

There are two boxes, one for the 48V and one for the other Voltages. The 48V is going through that bigger PCB.

Does anyone have a hint what to check on the PCB? I was not able to find any faulty component, and the 48V is not going down to the "pilot switch" or the motor.

I would like to get a wiring diagram for the PCBs. (The service manual is not dealing with any of the PCBs.)

Is there a manual where all the switches of the door are listed with their right ON/OFF states? (It is possible that one of the switvhes of the door is faulty or someone moved it accidentally so it is just not in the right state now.)

I appreciate any help...



Equipment: Kendro HERAsafe KS/KSP

RE: Thermo Scientific - HERAsafe

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