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Updated  Apr 6 2021
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Getinge - 8666
I have an automatic door and have found that it has dropped about a 16th to 8th of an inch. How do I adjust this door to raise it?

RE: Getinge - 8666
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I have a washer bht innova M3 it send massage dosing 2 continue w stop is someone have a solution for it?

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Hello l want service manual and operating manual for BHT Innova E2, M3

Updated  Feb 19 2021
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STERIS - Reliance Synergy
How do you open the door chamber with no electric power.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Synergy
Added  Jan 31 2021
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Lancer - 1400 TISS/TIDPSS
Shows program n05. push start and goes to program n00, but wont allow anything else to happen. If you push C it brings up reset maint. Hrs, but wont allow you to confirm. Also cant switch to program n00 to put in password for higher access.

RE: Lancer - 1400 TISS/TIDPSS
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STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
Every so often there is water dripping off the clean side control panel. I know the water is dripping from the HEPA filter assembly above the panel. The HEPA filter and prefilter is dry. The condensation system is working. I have replaced all the worn plastic pieces that might be spraying water in the direction of the vent. The blower is turning in the correct direction. There is no leaking fluid tubing over it. It doesn't do it on every cycle ran or on a specific cycle. My question is, How is the water getting in the HEPA assembly filter if air is drawn through it from the outside? All the checks mentioned above were recommended by Steris Tech Support.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
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STERIS - Reliance Vision Multi-Chamber
This washer has had lots of issues, this one may be related to the monthly generator test. Do any of you have experience with this tunnel washer?

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Multi-Chamber
Added  Dec 2 2020
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Franke Finland - Deko-25
Hi, our DEKO-25 washer/decontaminator print out the error 8 code, but I didn't found any description from the error codes so I don't know what is the problem. Please help me, Viktor Szemenyei

RE: Franke Finland - Deko-25
Updated  Nov 19 2020
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STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
Halfway through a cycle, all actions stop operating. None of the valves turned on when they were supposed to...doors wouldn't open. I went into service mode to inputs/outputs and tested the door and all the water valves and nothing would operate/energize. I checked the incoming air at the regulator and it was fine. What else should I be checking? What could cause this? Thank you.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
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STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
At startup, the system goes to the desktop screen then the Steris screen with the progress bar. After the progress bar, it still just sits on the Steris screen. Can someone tell me how to access the Softlogix Controller to verify it's on "run'' mode? Thank you.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber

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