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Added  Sep 2 2020
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Olympus - miniETD2

J'ai un problème dans le mini etd la marque olympus une erreur F17

RE: Olympus - miniETD2

amzil posted 20 days ago

Updated  Aug 18 2020
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Getinge - Spolomat 1000
are this model already obsolete?

RE: Getinge - Spolomat 1000

krkenney88 replied a month ago

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Civco - Astra TEE

RE: Civco - Astra TEE

Chris S replied 3 months ago

Updated  Jun 30 2020
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STERIS - Amsco 5052
Anyone have a copy of the service manual for the 5052 washer. I have the ops manual but I need to calibrate the level sensors. Thanks

RE: STERIS - Amsco 5052

Brad Kitten replied 3 months ago

Added  Jun 24 2020
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Nanosonics - Trophon EPR
Error code DGW8020, anybody knows what that means?

RE: Nanosonics - Trophon EPR

opopa posted 3 months ago

Updated  Jun 12 2020
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Getinge - 46 Series
I got error massage A19 CIRC PRESS L (with alarming sound) thank you

RE: Getinge - 46 Series

Amscopolaris replied 3 months ago

Added  May 11 2020
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STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
CPU and hard drive went out. Replaced Allen Bradley CPU and cloned hard drive from another SC Vision Washer. Turned unit on and it went thru its normal booting process, then it stopped and asked for the Administrator Password. called Steris and they said it was an AB issue, called AB and they said it was a Steris issue. Sounds almost like Steris doesn't want to help because I didn't purchase the CPU from them.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber

Keener posted 4 months ago

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I'd like to have copy of the service and operators manuals for the Steris (AMSCO) VHP 1000 hydrogen peroxide vapro sterilizer.


mriguy posted 4 months ago

Updated  May 1 2020
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CS Medical - TD 100 Automated TEE Probe Disinfector
Does anyone know if there is any Preventative Maintenance, requirement other then changing the carbon filter?

RE: CS Medical - TD 100 Automated TEE Probe Disinfector

Bob@montaquip replied 5 months ago

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STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber
trying to get into the Service mode to change some settings.

RE: STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber

Chris35 replied 5 months ago

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