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What is the vibration & deflection criteria of this equipment for Engineer to analyze & design properly the supporting frame?

RE: GE HealthCare - Precision 600FP
Added  Apr 18 2024
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Fluro is working good,but during radiography (mAs) value decreasing automatically and exposure also not happened.Not showing any error.What could be the problem)?

Equipment: Axiom iconos R200

RE: Siemens - AXIOM Iconos R200
Updated  Apr 8 2024
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Dear colleagues. I recently had a problem with the Siemens Luminos RF Classic x-ray machine. The problem is that when you turn on the device, it displays several errors at once: 07 apid 33, 07 apid 48, 07apid 51, 07 apid 50. and on the screen of a spotfilm device stays PD. I know the meaning of all these errors. I would like to know if anyone has encountered this problem? And how did you solve this problem?

Equipment: Siemens Luminos RF Classic

RE: Siemens - AXIOM Luminos dRF
Added  Mar 31 2024
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installed optimus 50 system as per instructions sadly no PC or program came this system. everything boots and seems fine except the tube doesn't work red light on control desk and will not fire and pre programed APR .. what program i need to show me error log and program to calibrate? does anyone still have it? 
working with this system in a 3rd world country limited resources. the hospital here bought 2 of these machines hoping we can get at least one fully functioning. 

RE: Philips - Optimus 50
Added  Mar 13 2024
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Trying to setup networking destination to PACS on the system, need info on the configuration setup and access 

RE: Omega Medical - E-view
Added  Mar 6 2024
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Need Service manual instructions for tube change on this product. 


RE: Siemens - Sireskop SD
Added  Feb 9 2024
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Fuses are good and we have power from power box! A11 LEDs are off. any advice? 

***not SE version

RE: Bennett - HFQ 300P
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I have a Continental TM50 three phase x-ray system. When trying to make a shot, it turns off because the mains contactor on site shuts off. Don´t have any experience on this equipment.

Do you have any suggestion to troubleshoot?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Equipment: Continental TM50

Added  Dec 13 2023
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Does anyone remember how to get the table to tilt when the motor safety switch isn’t being engaged? I remember having to use a bar and move the motor but it’s been a very long time and don’t remember the process

RE: Philips - Easy Diagnost Eleva

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