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Updated  Jul 22 2022
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how to replace gas spring in the arm what is the part number

Equipment: Leica Microsystems - Wild M690

RE: Leica Microsystems - Wild M690
Updated  Jul 11 2022
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I am looking to find a pic of the bulb socket compartment. There seems to be no lace for the bulb to plug into on this scope. It ido an S-21 base.

Updated  Jun 14 2022
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Dear forum members! I would appreciate if I could get a service manual or drawings of: Base f20 of LEICA M400 E. The microscope base weight was released. This can be helpful. Regards Jean-Marc

RE: Leica Microsystems - M400 E
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Was looking for information on zeiss 30 sl/m device but site seems dead

Added  May 17 2022
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Can anyone share the part # for the lamp?

RE: Leica Microsystems - M530 OHX
Added  Apr 17 2022
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Looking for used Eibos to buy

RE: Moller-Wedel - EIBOS 2
Added  Apr 12 2022
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can anyone share the service manual of oh5 mircoscope

RE: Leica Microsystems - M720 OH5
Updated  Mar 7 2022
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I am having some problems with the magnetic brakes (OPMI® VISU 210  S88 floor stand). We need to press the keys a few times befere allows to move the arm.

RE: ZEISS - Opmi Visu 200
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The movable arm does not lower the overall height

RE: ZEISS - OPMI Vario / S88

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