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Updated  Mar 1 2022
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Hi, I would like to request whether the Microarray Scanner (Model: Revolution 4200) is discontinued or not. If yes, please do provide me the discontinued certificate. Also, pls provide me the equipment manual as well. Thank you.

RE: VIDAR - Revolution 4200/4550
Added  Nov 3 2020
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hello there, I am a service engineering ,and i need the manual of Kodak LS75 to know how to operation that device. thanks.

RE: Carestream - LS75
Added  Jul 25 2018
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My radiologist supervisor would like me to send the films to him by archiving them, but I was never taught on how to do that.

RE: Radlink - LaserPro 16
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Power board, ASTEC LPS172 MAINBRO PN: 042-66104210G

RE: VIDAR - CAD PRO Advantage
Updated  Jul 7 2016
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I am trying to install its drivers on a Vista OS. The Installer runs fine without errors but OS can not recognize the hardware. Please Help.

I know It is old technology but we need it to digitize plain films from the past.Thnak you!

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Dear sir/madam, please how can i get a step by step guide on the installation of the machine i.e. FS50B digitizer? my email is . Thanks.


RE: GE HealthCare - FS50/FS50B
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Kodak General Radiography Software

looking for any leads on getting this software for a Kodak LS-75 or lumisys lumiscan 75 film digitizer. Got all the drivers but no aquisition software for windows 2000. thanks

RE: Kodak - LS-75
Updated  May 30 2014
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We're working on Non-destructive Testing in Turkey. We have a Kodak LS85 film digitizer. Unfortunately we'd lost the software/driver CD. Now we cannot use our film digitizer. I tried to contact to Carestream but there were no replies. Can you help us?


RE: Carestream - LS85
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i am facing some problem with vidar dosimetery advantage. it is not scanning film. when i run its diagnotic test its report states that it's control board is failed. can i have it'sservice manual or guide me how i can solve this problem.any testing procedure for control and communication boards.


i am waiting your reply

RE: VIDAR - DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red)

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