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Updated  May 14 2024
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Was raising the bed with the up/down arrows and now it will not lower. Bed is stuck in the highest position. Tried the unlock instructions and the bed will not come back down. All other controls work such as head of bed, raising the knee and the foot of the bed. 

Equipment: Hill Rom Advanta 2

RE: Hillrom - Advanta 2
Added  May 6 2024
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hil rom sport2 p1900 total care mattress sinks in the middle . patient is 6 foot 5 inches weighs 220lbs. in the part where the bed inclines it sinks continually  in the opti rest mode

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Updated  Apr 19 2024
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In our Rehabilitation Clinic 2 beds in the same room suddenly stopped working, both the hand control and the nurses control panel.

We have the beds since March 2018 and never had a problem.

Can you please help us with suggestions?

Kind regards,


RE: LINET - Image 3
Updated  Apr 17 2024
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Hi!  When lowering the bed, there was a table too close which prevented lowering.  After moving the table, none of the controls work.  I've unplugged and plugged back in but no response to button presses.  Is there a reset somewhere or have I fried the motor?

RE: Hillrom - Advanta P1600
Updated  Apr 10 2024
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When trying to lower the bed, it goes into Trendelenberg instead. There is am orange light on next to the bed lower/raise

Equipment: Hillrom - CareAssist ES

RE: Hillrom - CareAssist ES
Updated  Mar 29 2024
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I have a fleet of 1105s and a few other similar Stryker stretchers, when pumping the bed up they have become hard to pump. They will o up just the amount of force required to push down the pedal is increasing. I have lowered the beds and checked fluids and they leak as soon as I pull the plug so I don't see a leak issue (no leaks found n the cylinders) Is it necessary to remove the top to check the cylinders? I know its easier with the top off but I'm a one man shop s top removal is tough. 

Fluids levels look good.

No leaks detected on hydraulic. 

No binding in the pedal assembly's. 

If it was just 1 or 2 units I would replace the cylinders but it seems to be happening to a lot of them so I must be missing something. 

Thanks For any assist.

Equipment: Stryker 1105 Stretcher and more

Updated  Mar 15 2024
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Foot hit floor when unmade chair, Any suggestion?

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Updated  Mar 15 2024
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the brakes lock on both ends, but when you step on the side pedals the brakes will not engage and i cannot find and worn or bent parts . what would cause this and what needs replaced or adjusted ?

Equipment: stryker 1115 big wheel glideaway

Equipment: stryker 1115 big wheel glideaway

Added  Mar 12 2024
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I have 2 hill rom advanta 2 beds that have no functions at all. Seems like it has no power. Any common issues??

Equipment: Hillrom - Advanta

RE: Hillrom - Advanta
Updated  Mar 4 2024
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Where can I buy a SizeWise hand controller membrane?  

Equipment: Sizewise - Advantage

RE: Sizewise - Advantage

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