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Added  Jun 28 2022
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One of the pillows stopped inflating on my mother's hospital be that we use at home. I traced it to a possibly bad stepper motor controlling the air pressure in the working right-z2 zone. I can source the part but I don't exactly know where it is. If someone can tell me it's location I can at least see if I can get it working or replace it. Thanks for any help you can provide Paul

RE: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900
Updated  Jun 22 2022
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Has anyone ever done a rebuild on a p8000 Hydraulic cylinder. Thanks

RE: Hillrom - P8000 Transtar
Added  Jun 18 2022
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All four light normal,max,right and left turn flash together and normal setting will not function

RE: Hillrom - VersaCare P3200
Updated  Jun 15 2022
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What is wheel size? What is ball bearing size?

RE: Midmark - 530
Added  May 19 2022
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Hi there! Is anyone aware of a reset for the control box for this model of bed? I have a bed for repair where an intrrmittent audible beep occurs upon pressing any funtion on the handset controller. I have heard there is a combination of buttons to press on the handset thay will remove the error and reset the bed but do not know the combination. Any help is greatly appreciated!

RE: Hillrom - 900
Updated  May 18 2022
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Hello. I'm having issues with a Centra bed not responding to any of the controls. When pressing buttons for adjustments, the relays can be heard engaging, however the motors themselves don't won't activate. Controls at foot end are all set to ON position. RAISE/LOWER buttons at foot end also cause relays to engage, but no motors. This has been on going for awhile and we've used the bed without adjusting functions. Within the last day, the LED saying Motor Power Off has come on - however the motor power switch at the foot board is ON. Also noticed the ground fault LED was flashing as well, but went away after unplugging and re-plugging bed back into wall. Checked wall outlet as well to verify no issues. I'm thinking it may be a bad control board, but wanted to post here first to see what the experts might say. If it is a control board, would a board from a Century bed be compatible? They both look identical except the Century has an extra 4-pin connector port on it. This has been a great bed, and it would be awesome to get it working properly again. Thanks for the help!

Updated  May 16 2022
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The motor works but the head n foot wont raise up or down

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare Bariatric Plus
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I have versacare p3200 bed thats been giving some issues. I had an issue with the bed stuck not going up or down and changed the hilo motor ended up it was just jammed pinched which caused the issue. Now the other day as we were lowering it down all the power went out. Sothis bed has now gotten 2 new batteries , changed to a brand new power control boaed, new step down transformer, new inline noise fiter, and a new capacitor. Still no power. I plug it in and it immediately blows the inline ceramic ac fuse thats in between the step down coil tranformer and the power control board. No light or sound just blows instantly. Fuse inline by the batteries is good doesnt blow. I see no frayed wires or loose connections anywhere. Is there something I am missing here.I get 120 at the end of the power cord where the wires tie into the block for the inline noise filter so I believe the power cord is good unless it has some built in circuit . Everything after the cord has been replaced new ??? Any ideas?

RE: Hillrom - VersaCare P3200
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Got an issue with a couple of our InTouch Critical care beds where putting them into Zoom function does not activate the Zoom is activated voice. Should be noted that also does not have sound therapy on it as well. Tried another footboard and can get sound therapy and the zoom voice. Is there something separate on the footboard that allows the voice to go through? Or does it come through the CPU board. Stryker is sending us one, thinking that may be the error since we have been upgrading the footboards to 5.0, also noting the footboard that does the voice is already 5.0 so I was thinking maybe theres something in the footboard itself.

RE: Stryker - FL27 InTouch Critical Care Bed
Updated  Mar 28 2022
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The Hi Low function does not work. THe relays click though no response from either motor. "When one goes is the other bad as well"?

RE: LINET - Eleganza 3

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