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Added  Jan 14 2022
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I have changed the pendent but it continues to flash. How do i correct this problem? Thanks

RE: Joerns - Easy Care 2000 XL
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If the motor runs out of hydraulic oil and is then is then refilled, do the lines need to be "bled" to remove any air from them?

RE: Hillrom - 894 Century CC
Added  Dec 8 2021
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Can I get a new circuit board?

RE: Hillrom - Centra 850/852
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Looking for some assistance to unlock a caretek M420 electric bed. All led are blinking and have no idea what the code is to unlock.

RE: Caretek - M420-02
Updated  Dec 7 2021
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There was a recient power surge in the building and now the bed doesnt work, is there a reset button or maybe a fuse somewhere on the bed that could be tripped or blown?

RE: Hillrom - Centra 850/852
Updated  Nov 29 2021
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Does anyone have a copy of a Service Manual for this Hilrom bed. I think there out there somewhere I just haven't been able to find one. Thanks For Your Time.

RE: Hillrom - Progressa
Updated  Nov 26 2021
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hello all, i cant seem to figure this screen out. Ive replaced the LCD screen, ive replaced the whole panel. still not powering on. the controls for the bed work fine on that side. ive replaced the cable fro the screen. i feel like im missing something simple. any ideas?

RE: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900
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I know this is an old bed but I'm hoping someone is familiar with it. Everything works concerning the motor. The bed elevates and lowers; the lower section will fold up for knee and leg support and down again; but the head of the bed only goes up about 2 inches then lowers itself again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

RE: Hillrom - Advanta
Updated  Nov 22 2021
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Do you have to the service manual for this to do PMs on

RE: Hillrom - 8400
0 Replies

Getting a Motor over voltage error on board, what should I look for? On a Versacare P3200K

RE: Hillrom - VersaCare P3200

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