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Added  Jun 2 2023
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Is there a way to adjust the foot end siderails?  One side has to much play on it and wasn't sure how to adjust it so it doesn't feel so loose.

RE: Stryker - FL27 InTouch Critical Care Bed
Updated  May 29 2023
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Head section will not go up or down

Equipment: Hill rom p1400 centra

RE: Hillrom - P1400 Centry Plus
Updated  May 20 2023
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Does anyone have a PM checklist that they have modified or made themselves so it no longer looks like an Excel spreadsheet? The one from the service manual is definitely one of the dumbest looking and hardest to use "checklists" that I have ever seen.

RE: Hillrom - Centrella Smart + Bed
Updated  Apr 30 2023
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need to figure out the instructions for the therapy rotation interval settings

Equipment: TotalCare SPO2RT 2 P1900

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Added  Apr 20 2023
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need a service manual

Equipment: Stryker - CHG Spirit Select

RE: Stryker - CHG Spirit Select
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How do I get rid of the wrench when it comes up on display?

Equipment: LINET - Multicare

RE: LINET - Multicare
Added  Apr 4 2023
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Anyone having issues with Centrella Drive Controller failing?

RE: Hillrom - Centrella Smart + Bed
Updated  Mar 26 2023
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Bought used. Initially is was difficult to get air mattress to initiate but with persistence something happened and it worked great for 1 day. At the end of the first day it was unplugged. Day 2 powered up and it will not inflate whatsoever. Not on max inflate or the other option. It also will not turn or perform percussion which it absolutely did on day 1. Any advice would be appreciated

Equipment: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Updated  Mar 21 2023
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I have a p1900. Unit that has to be reset several times a day. I get a service is required message, go to main menu, scroll to reset. I have to repeat in order to restore service to the bed.

RE: Hillrom - Totalcare P1900
Added  Mar 11 2023
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Progresss Hillrom bed not using fitted sheets per manufacturer recommendations but lots of complaints from patients and staff with flat sheet crumpling under Meath patient, or patient skin touching mattress. Suggestions?

RE: Hillrom - Progressa

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