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Updated  Apr 19 2024
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In our Rehabilitation Clinic 2 beds in the same room suddenly stopped working, both the hand control and the nurses control panel.

We have the beds since March 2018 and never had a problem.

Can you please help us with suggestions?

Kind regards,


RE: LINET - Image 3
Updated  Apr 17 2024
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Hi!  When lowering the bed, there was a table too close which prevented lowering.  After moving the table, none of the controls work.  I've unplugged and plugged back in but no response to button presses.  Is there a reset somewhere or have I fried the motor?

RE: Hillrom - Advanta P1600
Updated  Apr 10 2024
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When trying to lower the bed, it goes into Trendelenberg instead. There is am orange light on next to the bed lower/raise

Equipment: Hillrom - CareAssist ES

RE: Hillrom - CareAssist ES
Updated  Mar 15 2024
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Foot hit floor when unmade chair, Any suggestion?

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Added  Mar 12 2024
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I have 2 hill rom advanta 2 beds that have no functions at all. Seems like it has no power. Any common issues??

Equipment: Hillrom - Advanta

RE: Hillrom - Advanta
Updated  Mar 4 2024
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Where can I buy a SizeWise hand controller membrane?  

Equipment: Sizewise - Advantage

RE: Sizewise - Advantage
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my remote is locked and with a solid light

RE: Invacare - Carroll CS7
Updated  Jan 24 2024
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I need repair kit for 34 unit piston. The CrIb not working and need repair the piston, I need your help.

Equipment: ICC 411

RE: Savion - ICC 411
Added  Dec 24 2023
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I have a TotalCare SpO2RT that suddenly lot power. The power cable was then unplugged and reconnected. I checked that the power cable was connected to the PCB board and it was. I plugged the bed back in and I heard the clicking sounds but the bed did not receive power and the blower did not start. The bed is in a high position and I cannot get it to lower. 

RE: Hillrom - TotalCare SpO2RT 2
Updated  Dec 8 2023
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How can I replace the left head side rail? The service manual doesn't have much clear instruction on how to completely replace the side rail.


RE: Hillrom - Advanta

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