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Added  May 31 2024
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Qué precio tiene el equipo

Equipment: Fukuda Denshi - FUT-C111A

RE: Fukuda Denshi - FUT-C111A
Updated  Feb 12 2024
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necesito un accesorio mini-dock M turbo

Equipment: SonoSite - MicroMax C60e

RE: SonoSite - MicroMax C60e
Updated  Sep 20 2023
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Purchased a RAB6-D probe for my Voluson E8 Expert. The machine does not recognize the probe. All information available prior to purchase indicated that it was compatible for this machine. Does anyone no if there is some software to install so that the probe will work with the machine or any other ideas on how to make it work. The machine originally was programmed for a RAB2-5D and a RAB4-8D. 


Equipment: GE Voluson E8 Expert

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How many volumes per seconds can be achieved with 6VT-D probe on Vivid E9 if perform 3D imaging? 

RE: GE HealthCare - 6VT-D
Updated  Jul 21 2023
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Hello Team,

I have red lightning bolts showing up (circled in blue) while running a 6VT-D in PW Mode, on a Vivid E9 ultrasound machine. I have looked everywhere (manuals, internet, tech sheets) and for the life of me can not find what these symbols mean.  This issue follows the TEE specifically and I believe is not a machine issue. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!

Equipment: GE HealthCare - 6VT-D



Vivid E9



RE: GE HealthCare - 6VT-D
Updated  Jul 5 2023
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Looking for services manual

RE: Aloka - UST-5710-7.5
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Hi, I have an Avalon Toco MP at baseline 20 then when Calibration weight placed on top will only read up 27-29. is the Transducer pressure Sensor bad or something else? Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks.

RE: Philips - M2734A
Updated  Apr 25 2022
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hello, I have an oil leak from the probe that prevents me from using it. Can I somehow fix it? what kind of oil should i use? Thanks

RE: GE HealthCare - RAB 4-8-D
Updated  Mar 10 2022
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Our department has a Sonosite Titan. Yes it is old but it works very well. We have acquired a L38/10-5 MHz linear probe (sn:0315KL) When connected we get an "incompatible transducer" error. How do I upgrade the software to fix the compatibility issue?

RE: SonoSite - L38x/10-5
Updated  Mar 1 2022
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esta perdiendo aceite ,como lo puedo rellenar o que hay que hacer

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