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Reliance - 980
I am looking at the following companies: Global, Reliance and Midmark. Midmark is a preferred option, but is a bit much for now, so I narrowed it down to Global and Reliance. Can someone please make recommendation or share their opinion, technical knowledge and experience about these companies reliability... Thank you

RE: Reliance - 980

Robert Sulenov posted 5 days ago

Updated  Jun 29 2020
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I have a Stryker surgistool that needs a needle valve replaced pn#48-13..anyone know where I can find this part? I know its no longer supported but wondered if there was an alternative part that is compatible or an aftermarket supplier that carries one?

RE: Exam Tables & Chairs

T-Lobato replied 6 days ago

Updated  Jul 3 2020
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Oakworks - 100
I am looking for a buying advice between New Oakworks 100 series chair or Refurbished UMF 4011 exam chair..

RE: Oakworks - 100

Robert Sulenov replied 2 days ago

Updated  Jun 12 2020
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Midmark - 411

RE: Midmark - 411

Chris-CBET replied 24 days ago

Updated  Apr 28 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution
See manual

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

Chris-CBET replied 2 months ago

Updated  Apr 27 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

What type of hydraulic fluid does the Ritter Sybron model F/75 table use. This table is not a Midmark product manufactured in Rochester New York

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

Rix replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jan 28 2020
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Stille-Sonesta - 6202
I am looking for FDA numbers on these tables. On top of the 510K there are device numbers that are issued to the manufacturer, but not usually publically. The problem is the FDA in all its wisdom requires this information be included on shipping documents when items are being sent back to the USA from places like Canada. They do not appear to be able to access their own records to confirm the device is approved even though it has been issued a 510K and is widely distributed in the USA. Sometimes these numbers are hidden in manual notes or other documents. If anyone can find a FDA issued Device Registration # for the SONESTA STILLE 6202 in their documentation, I would sure appreciate hearing what it is. Thanks, Bruce.

RE: Stille-Sonesta - 6202

jroberts replied 5 months ago

Updated  Apr 26 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution
spare parts and manual

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

Chris-CBET replied 2 months ago

Updated  Dec 10 2019
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Midmark - Ritter 222
looking for hardware specs

RE: Midmark - Ritter 222

Chris-CBET replied 7 months ago

Updated  Oct 21 2019
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Midmark - Ritter 204
How much does the table weigh

RE: Midmark - Ritter 204

Cipher replied 8 months ago

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