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Updated  Sep 25 2020
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Performance Health - Metron Elite Bariatric Hi-Lo Mat Platform

I am looking for the service manual and part numbers for a 

Metron Elite.
Model # 922595BR

RE: Performance Health - Metron Elite Bariatric Hi-Lo Mat Platform

MedWrench Kari replied 2 days ago

Updated  Sep 23 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 222
I would like to obtain a service manual for Ritter 222

RE: Midmark - Ritter 222

Chris-CBET replied 3 days ago

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UMF - 5080 Power Exam Table
Where can I get a 5080 replacement cover-tab UMF Medical Ultra Comfort Top

RE: UMF - 5080 Power Exam Table

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

4 Replies

Midmark - Ritter 630
I am about to purchase 2 used Midmark 630 chairs and need help in what to look for before committing to buy them. Can someone please share their knowledge and experience on what I should look for and how to properly test these chairs to minimize future problems. Thank you

RE: Midmark - Ritter 630

Robert Sulenov replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jul 9 2020
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Cardon - BT500

repair manual pdf


RE: Cardon - BT500

MedWrench Kari replied 3 months ago

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Reliance - 980
I am looking at the following companies: Global, Reliance and Midmark. Midmark is a preferred option, but is a bit much for now, so I narrowed it down to Global and Reliance. Can someone please make recommendation or share their opinion, technical knowledge and experience about these companies reliability... Thank you

RE: Reliance - 980

Robert Sulenov posted 3 months ago

Updated  Aug 10 2020
12 Replies

Oakworks - 100
I am looking for a buying advice between New Oakworks 100 series chair or Refurbished UMF 4011 exam chair..

RE: Oakworks - 100

Robert Sulenov replied 2 months ago

Updated  Jun 12 2020
12 Replies

Midmark - 411

RE: Midmark - 411

Chris-CBET replied 3 months ago

Updated  Apr 28 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution
See manual

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

Chris-CBET replied 5 months ago

Updated  Apr 27 2020
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Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

What type of hydraulic fluid does the Ritter Sybron model F/75 table use. This table is not a Midmark product manufactured in Rochester New York

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution

Rix replied 5 months ago

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