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Updated  Nov 24 2022
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Need to replace the front draw

Equipment: Midmark - Ritter 223

RE: Midmark - Ritter 223
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We have a leak from the foot cylinder and we have a tilt kit in the storage. Will it fit or should I order a foot specific one?

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution
Updated  Sep 13 2022
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What voltage and watts is the light bulb...i cant find it....

RE: Tempo Medical Products - 9 PX
Added  Jul 13 2022
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hola. quiero saber quien tiene el manual se servicio de esta mesa. se me rompió el cable de conexión del control y no se como volverlo a conectar

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Apix CV
Updated  May 6 2022
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how to check function of pump

RE: Midmark - Ritter 75 Evolution
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the op/tech manual, which is pretty thin, says it's supported only by patterson. We all know they don't actually make anything and barely support anything as well, so who is Metron the real name of the mfr or is it just another poor example of someone slapping their own name/brand on it? Nothing in that manual points to maintenance requirements, nor the statement about it not needing maintenance. the device is D.I. but it doesn't list that anywhere. So do I need to mark this thing NPR or give it a general 12 month inspection schedule? There's not ES to do, but at least functional. if the hardware gets loose it could fall with someone on or under it.

RE: Performance Health - Metron Elite Bariatric Hi-Lo Mat Platform
Updated  Apr 13 2022
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Which areas should be oiled, how often, and with what type of lubricant?

RE: Midmark - 75L
Added  Apr 11 2022
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Hi, I'm having a problem with modularis lithostar. So, Please could you help me find the service manual.. Thanks..

RE: Siemens - MODULARIS Uro II
Updated  Mar 22 2022
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repairing and 222-016 eaxm bed

RE: Midmark - Ritter 222
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RE: Midmark - 411

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