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Customer’s unit stuck in elevated position with no articulation. 

I’m thinking could be a bad MCB but need to check all the limit switches first. 

Does anyone have a service manual for this exam chair? TY!

Email to: James@TurnerMedicalRepair.com

RE: Midmark - 417
Updated  Jan 3 2024
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Customer has a 630-020. Chair has up/down motion with foot and hand control but no other articulation. 

Need advice on probable causes and service manual. 

TY! James@TurnerMedicalRepair.com

RE: Midmark - Ritter 630
Updated  Nov 3 2023
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parts availability

Equipment: midmark 411

RE: Midmark - 411
Updated  Oct 16 2023
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The chair drifts backwards even though the recline button is not depressed, especially for heavier patients.

Equipment: Midmark - 75L

RE: Midmark - 75L
Added  Sep 21 2023
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our table has stopped moving 

i am trying to locate the fuses 

RE: Biodex - 846
Updated  Aug 31 2023
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Have a Ritter 223 where chair will raise and lower but back rest is in lowered position and will not raise. Customer has new hand control. Switched back out to old hand control still nothing. No noticeable noises or anything when hand control activated. Any leads on where to start? Clinic is an hour away and want to be prepared. Thanks guys!

RE: Midmark - Ritter 223
Updated  Aug 11 2023
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Can I clean the mattress with "Healthcare Clorox Bleach Germicidal wipes"?

RE: Durabuilt Medical - PMT 8000 HLT
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The remote moves all the parts of the chair except for the foot section.  There is power and you can hear it wanting to move but nothing happens.  Checked the cords and power to that part of the table.  All looks good.

RE: UMF - 5020 Power Procedure Table
Updated  Jul 19 2023
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RE: Midmark - 117
Updated  Apr 26 2023
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service manual

Equipment: Midmark - 75E Evolution

RE: Midmark - 75E Evolution

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