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Updated  Apr 20 2021
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Physio-Control - LifePak 9P
hi I want to know that,what is the difference between medtronik physiocontrol lifepak 9p and 9

RE: Physio-Control - LifePak 9P
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Has anyone seen a problem where the screen is not showing any helium on main running screen. The unit runs perfectly and I showed our Cathlab staff that unit is showing internal tank value properly. I even opened K1 and K2 to let some helium drain. The system then briefly showed a value for the external tank while it was filling internal tank. But after completing the fill, it went back to showing nothing again for external tank. The mechanical gauge reads perfect all of the time.

RE: Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
Updated  Apr 4 2021
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GE Healthcare - Responder 2000
Please help, our Responder 2000 have error 331 system error

RE: GE Healthcare - Responder 2000
Updated  Mar 25 2021
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I can't change time and date on laptop. It does not have a system tab like the full size model. How do you change the system time and date?

RE: Cardiology
Added  Mar 23 2021
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Schiller - DIFGARD 4000
Hi I am Razi. I am an electronic engineer. I have a defigard 4000 in my collection. My device has a problem and that is not joules selector 2,4,815,30 but that is select 50,70,90,120,150,200 plz guide me Thanks sir.

RE: Schiller - DIFGARD 4000
Updated  Mar 4 2021
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Physio-Control - Lifepak 15
Any recalls announced ?

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 15
Updated  Feb 19 2021
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Terumo - Sarns 8000
I am looking for a reservior holder for our Sarns 8000 bypass pump

RE: Terumo - Sarns 8000
Updated  Feb 12 2021
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Physio-Control - Lifepak 12
unit fails user test ? no other error codes of service light

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 12
Updated  Feb 10 2021
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Unetixs Vascular - MultiLab Series 2-CP
Can anyone share the Service Manual?

RE: Unetixs Vascular - MultiLab Series 2-CP
Updated  Jan 24 2021
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Schiller - FRED easyport
do you supply these in Australia

RE: Schiller - FRED easyport

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