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Tue Jul 10 2018
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Looking for a refurb printer assembly; Part number 21300-002360. Drive gear off the motor is cracked in half causing the gear to slip and not advance the paper.

Mon Jul 9 2018
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How do you reset the unit so it doesn't alarm battery maintenance due after the batteries are replaced.

Mon Jun 11 2018
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How do you change the time on the console clock?

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Need copy of OEM PM process from user manual for Agilient HeartStream AED to provide to end user. Thanks!

Wed May 16 2018
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I have this M-series but it has a fault in the waveform, its shape is almost a senoidal form instead of Rectilinear...Any ideas what is happening?

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I've just had to replace a system board on a Zoll M series due to ECG fault 4. The donour board came from a machine who's high voltage system was dead . Unfortunatley we don't know the configuration pass code from the previous owner of tge donor machine. How can I reset this code? Also the donor machine didn't have the etco2 module plug on it. I have connected up the etco2 but the newly fitted board isnt aware of it. Can i activate this somehow or do i need to reprograme the software to do this? Its not important anyway as i dont have the module for it.

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what is the max joules delivery possible

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Does anyone have any sort of manual for the iPulse ? Appreciate if you can share.

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Looking for operating and services manual for the Cobe 043620 heart lung bypass machine and a source for the maintenance parts.

Fri Apr 6 2018
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We received this unit as a gift but it speaks in french. Is there a way to program it to English

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