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Updated  Jan 11 2022
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Please get me an operating manual of Sorin S3 manual

RE: Sorin Group - Stocket SIII
Updated  Jan 10 2022
Updated  Jan 4 2022
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Hi i need stockert s3 service manual anyone have this  please send me on this email Thanks in advance

RE: Sorin Group - S3
Added  Dec 31 2021
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The soft keys not working on press (Lead, Size, Record)

RE: Zoll - E Series
Updated  Dec 29 2021
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Error code 000C00

RE: Stockert - Shiley SIII
Updated  Dec 24 2021
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Hi guys, I have following issue with few lp12s: Red led on, we replaced internal battery and transfer configuration from spare unit to another but still coming with red led and same errors. 600E 9119 9205 900A Those errors have been there before battery change and after. Can clear them but as soon you turn lp12 back on thay are back. Any advise?

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 12
Updated  Dec 21 2021
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I am having issues with the 1.4 GHz radios on our MRx units going out and losing connection to the IX. Does anyone know of a vendor who test and repairs these radio transmitters? I have purchased a few from a 3rd party but they do not seem to want to connect.... thanks .

RE: Philips - HeartStart MRx
Updated  Dec 20 2021
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Hi Does anyone have option key for Philips MRX? Need to change fron 3 lead to 12 lead ECG. Thanks in advance

RE: Philips - HeartStart MRx
Updated  Dec 20 2021
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How do I change default language to user language

RE: Cardiac Science - Powerheart AED G3 Plus
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?? How to remove battery from Physio control Lifepak 7??

RE: Physio-Control - LifePak 7

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