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Updated  Feb 19 2021
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I am looking for a reservior holder for our Sarns 8000 bypass pump

RE: Terumo - Sarns 8000
Updated  Feb 12 2021
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unit fails user test ? no other error codes of service light

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 12
Updated  Feb 10 2021
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Can anyone share the Service Manual?

RE: Unetixs Vascular - MultiLab Series 2-CP
Updated  Jan 25 2021
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do you supply these in Australia

RE: Schiller - FRED easyport
Added  Jan 25 2021
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What to do if charging for shock not working?

RE: Schiller - DEFIGARD 400
Updated  Jan 19 2021
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My lifepak 20 fades to white after being on for a little while any clue as to what it is Ive never seen this before.

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 20
Updated  Jan 18 2021
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Need to find a non Rem Polyhesive

Added  Jan 5 2021
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How much is the System. COST

RE: Imex Medical Systems - ImexLab 9100
Updated  Jan 5 2021
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I need to rewire the power lead for a Zoll E series. I'm certain it is a 12v supply (states "10-29" on the back, right by the power inlet - doesn't specify volts but I'm sure that's what it is. Also states 130W) The plug is wired to a mounting plate with no polarity marked on it. The wiring between the two is UK mains colours. Whilst it's tempting just to wire the 12v to the assumed polarities of the old cable, can anyone confirm which polarity is definitely which on the female socket on the Zoll please...? Huge thanks in advance.

RE: Zoll - E Series
Updated  Jan 4 2021
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Is there a override code for the Zoll X Series , like there is for the E & M Series?

RE: Zoll - X Series

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