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Updated  Apr 1 2024
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We seem to need a recharge. Taking the front plate off I can see it takes 404a but I don't know the volume it takes. Anyone have an idea?

RE: Microm - HM 505 E
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Sakura Cryo3 Flex cryostat.

I am looking for manuals (service and/or user), PM checklist, or information describing differences in operation, service, or parts between the Flex version and the original version. 

I have been asked to PM a Cryo 3 Flex. I can see a few differences, but I'm not sure what else there might be, and what I would want to do differently in a PM.

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Cryo3
Updated  Feb 5 2024
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I have a problem on the microtome. When you try to make cuts, the microtome sometimes cut a thick slice and then doesn't cut at all after 4 or 5 turns, and then again a thick cut. 

I thought the problem was in the screw ot the nut that moves the arm forward, but those parts seems to be ok.

Maybe somebody had this problem in the past an knows how to solve it.

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Cryotome E
Added  Feb 5 2024
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Hi, anybody has this manual, I need it please

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Cryotome E
Updated  Jan 12 2024
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I noted that a fairly new Leica 1520 comes with 315 grams of R452A refrigerant. Does anyone know if this will be the norm - will all of the cryostat manufacturers be switching to this refrigerant, instead of R404A (which is about to be phased out)?
I did note that it does still use a Danfoss SC15G compressor (which now has a sticker on it saying "R452A"). And, unfortunately, it also still has the double e-valve.

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1520
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leica cm3050S --motor stalled was completely locked up,I replaced motor but still not functioning, is there a motor drive board or fuse besides the 4 under the left panel that i can check 

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM3050 S
Added  Oct 16 2023
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fuse location

Equipment: Leica Biosystems - CM3050 S

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM3050 S
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Microm HM525 displays a communication error with C-Touch(005-001). Does anybody knows what happened and how to fix it?

RE: Richard-Allan Scientific - Microm HM525 NX
Updated  Jul 11 2023
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I need a temperature probe for Microm HM520 or HM525  ( part number 330320). The probe is not available from the thermo fisher scientific. Does anybody know the datasheet for this probe, so I can find a compatible one or have it remanufactured?

RE: Richard-Allan Scientific - Microm HM525 NX
Added  Jun 29 2023
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Could someone upload or email me the Service Manual please?

I’m not interested in the User Manual. 

I need the technical data in the Service Manual. 



RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1510 S

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