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Added  Nov 23 2022
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Looking for a Service Manual

Equipment: Leica CM 1900

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1900
Updated  Oct 24 2022
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my machine does not turn off when it reaches the programmed temperature

Equipment: Microm - HM 505 E

RE: Microm - HM 505 E
Added  Sep 25 2022
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Dear all Biomedical Eng. I need your help obtaining the User name & Password to login into service software of the cryostat Thank you

Equipment: Leica Biosystems - CM1950

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1950
Updated  Sep 8 2022
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I have the Cryo3 Plus service manual but this machine is different. is is showing an Err:07 configuration error, I need the service manual to find out what it is.

Equipment: Sakura Tissue-tek Cryo3 FLEX

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Cryo3
Added  Jun 28 2022
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Hello I'm looking for the service manual for an HM 550 or if not HM560. Thank you

RE: Richard-Allan Scientific - Microm HM560 CryoStar
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How do you turn off retraction

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1850 UV
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Dos nyone know what is the exact replacement for the HM525 controller circuit board? Is the BERGER LAHR CONTROL CIRCUIT BOARD CARD LS 220642-00-01 C LS 2206420001C the correct replacment? I have seen it listed as a replacement for the HM505 but was not sure whether it is the same for the HM525.

RE: Microm - HM520/HM525
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Specimen head temperature doesn't work I changed the Peltier object and checked in the service mode how much current it draws only 1600mA comparing to the original one from anther cryostat x50 that draw 2400mA and the temperature reaches only -3 in the best cases. so is the problem the new peltries because i,ve changed twice and still the problem occurs please help thanks Mohannad

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - NX50 Cryostat
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Thermo Shandon Cryotome E (620E). Does anyone know what the P5 error code indicates? It was in the micron setting window. I'm not sure it's an error, but I don't know what it indicates.

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Cryotome E
Updated  Mar 16 2022
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Cryostat not advancing. Best way to check. First time on Sakura. Have always worked on Leica

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