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Updated  Aug 19 2021
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ON one my NX70 the chuck temp is not maintained and keep higher over time.

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - CryoStar NX70
Updated  Jul 2 2021
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Flashing decimal places flashing at specimen head display temperature. Manual States specimen had refrigeration disconnected. After manual override and verified operation of compressor circuit after jumpering jp1 and s1 in position 3. Circuit does run compressor and fan. After resetting back to position zero and jumpering jp1 again. Same condition persists. Flashing decimal points at plate temperature read out. Any Ideas how to correct this condition to allow for normal plate refrigeration operation? Thanks!

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1900
Added  Apr 20 2021
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Is there a guide or checklist for the PM Procedure?

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1850
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There are two solenoids behind the lower front panel (upper right) of the Leica CM1520 cryostat. One of the solenoids, I presume, is for the defrost circuit. Can anyone tell me what the second solenoid is for? Does anyone have a service manual or any service literature?

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1520
Updated  Jan 15 2021
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Hello, any suggestions on getting UV light working? already replaced bubl.

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1850
Updated  Dec 21 2020
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Cooling Fan. 9inch 5 blade plastic.

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1510 S
Added  Nov 18 2020
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Unit sat 3 years. Turns on , microprocessor seems ok. Unit sometimes cools , but not to set -25C . Other times starts and does not cool at all. Is this a condenser problem or a possible sensor/main board issue ?

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1800
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Hi I need to replace the Fan motor and Wing on the Cryostat. I am not sure where it is located and how to access it. Could anyone please help? Thanks

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM3050 S
Updated  Oct 15 2020
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We have a pretty new Leica CM1950 and the device has a blinking red wrench on the panel. The PM has just been done recently and the device has no apparent issues other than the blinking light. Is there a way to reset this and make it go away?

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1950

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