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Added  Sep 22 2023
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alarma R5.6.1

Equipment: Biomerieux - Mini Vidas

RE: Biomerieux - Mini Vidas
Added  Aug 5 2023
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HELLO,How can i connect LIS computer to Abbott ARCHITECT c4000 to via TCP HL7 to send results to mycomputer host ?

Equipment: Abbott ARCHITECT c4000 LIS

RE: Abbott - ARCHITECT c4000
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  1. Do we need to check the accuracy of pipetting periodically? If I suspect the volume of pipetting is not accurate, what should I do?
  2. For most ELISA assay, DSX do sample dilution with sample dilution buffer. There are always some visible bubbles in deep well tube where sample mix with buffer by mix cycles (aspirate/dispense). I wonder if these small bubbles have effects on pipetting accuracy for transferring a specific volume to the assay plate

Equipment: Dynex Technologies - DSX

RE: Dynex Technologies - DSX
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Equipment: vitros 5600

RE: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - VITROS 5600
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Someone can share service manual with me please. 

RE: Siemens - Immulite 1000
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when adding a pack of Reaction vessels (98) it will add sometimes more or less to the inventory.

Any suggestions?

called Beckman and they right away asked for a credit card, no Phone support  :-(

RE: Beckman Coulter - Access 2
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I need a part # or name for the blue strip on out side of sample wheel. Ours cracked.

RE: Siemens - IMMULITE 2000 XPi
Added  Mar 15 2023
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service manual documents

RE: Beckman Coulter - Unicel Dxi 800
Added  Feb 23 2023
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My Architect will not read any barcodes during operation. As a result only manual entry is done. Is there a setting to use for barcode mode.

Equipment: Architect i1000SR

RE: Abbott - ARCHITECT i1000SR

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