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Updated  Nov 17 2022
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Equipment: Siemens - Dimension EXL

RE: Siemens - Dimension EXL
Added  Sep 28 2022
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I forgot the test cups for LH kit of 100 test at room temperature for 3 days. Shall I use it to test patient s or it is no longer valid. Thanks

Equipment: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-1800

RE: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-1800
Added  Sep 19 2022
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Needed working instruction for Ci4100 in the form of flow chart

RE: Abbott - ARCHITECT ci4100
Added  Jul 20 2022
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Per Beckman each pack is good for 50 tests. Has anybody experience reagent is used up quicker than expected? Calibration knocks out about 20 tests. Also, is it better to order a steady amount with same lot number?

RE: Beckman Coulter - DXI 600
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could it be put on the bench someway?

RE: Siemens - Dimension EXL
Added  May 19 2022
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How would I find out if Abbott still offers service support for a 2007 PRISM, and the cost and quantity of Assay kits available, that are used.

RE: Abbott - PRISM
Updated  Apr 6 2022
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error message vaccumpressure too0 low comming when you try to put the machine in running

RE: Abbott - ARCHITECT i1000SR
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Hi, when i start MiniVidas appears one error, Optical Hardware Failure, can any one help how can i fix this error, thanks.

RE: Biomerieux - Mini Vidas
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The temperature of wash carousel does not rise to the Required limit. How can I fix this bug?

RE: Beckman Coulter - Access 2

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