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How can we transfer images from one client to another

Equipment: Konica Minolta - Regius Sigma II

RE: Konica Minolta - Regius Sigma II
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Digitizer fuji prima t2 initialization is completely normally. Between reading and erasing show above error.

RE: Fujifilm - FCR Prima T2
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Hi Sir How to replace zener diode of optic module and will it resolve 10852 error as this error remains there

Equipment: AGFA - CR 10-X

RE: AGFA - CR 10-X
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Scaning process is fine, scan, erase and eject but at the end of the scanning process no image appears, it even a white or black image. This happens for all the cassetes. Please can anyone advise?

Equipment: Carestream - DirectView Vita CR

RE: Carestream - DirectView Vita CR
Added  Jan 11 2023
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how do start up the reader

Equipment: Kodak - Directview CR 975

RE: Kodak - Directview CR 975
Updated  Jan 10 2023
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Service: Looking for assistance for ZO sensor and roller adjustment for unit. Located in Farmington Hills MI 248-324-3090 Mike

RE: Kodak - Point-of-Care 140
Updated  Jan 9 2023
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The screen is all white or light. No words visible. Can we order the part or what needs to be done.

Equipment: Quantum - Quest HF Series

RE: Quantum - Quest HF Series
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Error details Please help agfa cr 35-x error codes 24727 Rason : IOBUS control module : Erasure control board safety test : problems with transformer 1. Meaning : It is no current flow detected when transformer 1 is on . -Both lamps connected to transformer 1 are blown . -No pawer supply for transformer 1 and /or connected lamps -Current sense board defective . -Current sense board cables defective . - Erasure control board defective . Cure : - Check lamps and replace . - Check power supply to erasure unit transformer 1. to erasure control board and erasure lamps and replace defective unit/board/cables. - Replace Current Sense board . - Check / replace connect / cables for current sense detection - Replace Erasure Control board.

Equipment: agfa cr 35-x error codes 24727

Added  Jan 3 2023
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When i start my my cr i got 10731 error

Equipment: Fujifilm - FCR CAPSULA XLII

Added  Dec 29 2022
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The film has come out of the case but not returned to the case after processing. The case can be removed but the film is not inside. The film is somewhere inside the processor. I can’t see how to get it to eject the film or return it to the case. Any ideas? Thank you.

Equipment: Fujifilm - FCR CAPSULA XLII


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