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Added  Dec 8 2023
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Added  Nov 9 2023
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Hello, we need to run as "stand alone" system Konica Rgius Sigma II, but it's configurated as a network system. Is there anyone who can send me username and password for it? 

My e-mail is:]

Thank you!

RE: Konica Minolta - Regius Sigma II
Added  Oct 31 2023
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ERROR 10298

Equipment: Fujifilm - FCR CAPSULA XLII

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CR 30-X

An installation package for the product CA 30% cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'Setup CR 30X 1908.mail

Equipment: AGFA - CR 30-X

RE: AGFA - CR 30-X
Updated  Oct 17 2023
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Please how can i get Carestream Image Suite for DirectView Vita CR, i also need rollers for the same machine

RE: Carestream - DirectView Vita CR
Added  Oct 3 2023
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Please, kindly help me to the solution for the capsular XL digitizer showing error 11710. 


Equipment: How to solve Error 11710 on Capsular XL Digitizer

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RU-Tool askes for License Key, please anyone can offer some help 

RE: Fujifilm - FCR Prima T2
Added  Sep 25 2023
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Hi I want yo know if you sell image plate 8x17” for Alara t110 Thanks for you collaboration Maria Ordóñez Bogotá Colombia 57 - 3134377367

Equipment: Alara - T110 CR

RE: Alara - T110 CR
Added  Sep 25 2023
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How exactly do I calibrate the KV for this x-ray machine 

RE: Kodak - Point-of-Care CR-ITX 560
Updated  Sep 19 2023
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My phosphor plate came loose on one end and the machine stopped functioning, the yellow indicator light would not turn green and red light could be seen constantly through the seams. I turned it on and off a few times and the yellow light disappeared and machine went dead. Repair of main power supply and distribution means? What is involved and how much would it cost?

RE: Orex - PcCR

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