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Updated  Feb 13 2024
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To start at the beginning ... 1st) Tube/collimator was tough to move up/down to column.  Replaced upper brake to column, brake wires shorted to housing when re-assembling.  Repaired wires, routed wires a different way, re-assembled ... Tube/collimator easy to move up/down.  Charged portable overnight, next day went to verify system working before giving to the techs .... rotor cuts out in 2 seconds & system restarts, tests passed, no errors, CB never trips off.   

2nd) Now AMX-4 + when you rotor from Hand switch, can hear relays click, 2 seconds later the displays go blank and startup test pass, display is ready again.   I can hear the rotor spinning in tube,  tube resistance is good. I verified capacitor values on right side. All fuses are good. Reseated Relays on circuit boards.  I have a replaced 1 board at time to the following .... Display Bd, CPU, Rotor Bd, FIL/Kvp Bd.  No errors appear after startup tests.  Can't do any cals because rotor doesn't last but 2 seconds.    Does anyone have any other idea's? 



Equipment: GE HealthCare - AMX 4 Plus

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX 4 Plus
Updated  Feb 12 2024
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 Shimadzu mobil röntgen ART EVOLUTION teknik servis kitabina ihtiyacim var. Simdiden tesekkür ederim. 

Equipment: Shimadzu - MobileArt Evolution MX7

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Model 46-270954G1 AMX4 July 1999

When lock release is pressed at collimator handles, vertical nor transvers locks will release. Both locks and switches check good. I do not get the voltage on the lock wires to disengage them. It looks like there is more to the circuit than power, switch, and locks.  Anyone have wiring diagram for this model? or any advice on repair.  Thanks

Equipment: GE HealthCare - AMX 4

Updated  Jan 20 2024
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X-ray disabled is the error am getting on this amx4 Pls anyone with helpful ideas on how to solve this should pls assist

Equipment: Amx4

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX 4
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What does that error indicate? 70100045

Equipment: Carestream - DRX-Revolution

RE: Carestream - DRX-Revolution
Added  Jan 12 2024
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I have facing problem when exposure button is pressed error papers 431 & 433 any help to resolvsolve this

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX 4 Plus
Added  Jan 7 2024
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Hello, I have a big problem, I have this portable x-ray that gives me code d13, I changed the button that releases the brake and the same problem continues, please I need help

Equipment: Shimadzu MUX-200D-XC

RE: Shimadzu - MobileArt Plus MUX-100H
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The charging process stops after few minutes . please suggest a solution.

RE: Shimadzu - MobileArt Evolution MX7
Updated  Jan 3 2024
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I have a Mobilett Mira Max that is having trouble driving forwards. It will stop abruptly, when driving forwards. It drives backwards fine. I am assuming that I just need to calibrate the drive motor, but am not too familiar with this machine. Anyone know how to do that?

RE: Siemens - Mobilett Mira
Added  Dec 22 2023
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Service manual

Equipment: Stephanix - Movix 4/8 E+ DReam

RE: Stephanix - Movix 4/8 E+ DReam

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