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Updated  Jul 10 2024
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Pleas We requested operation manual document no. M503 -E011 For x -ray shimadzu Mobil Ary. Model Mux 100H

Equipment: Mux 100h

RE: Shimadzu - MobileArt Plus MUX-100H
Updated  Jun 20 2024
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I have an issue with my AMX II, when set to charge the fan does start however the charge indicator light does not light up. I believe there is an issue with the battery charger electric board. Does anybody has had a similar problem, or can anyone provide the board schematics

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX II
Added  Jun 18 2024
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lors qu'on veut déclencher les rayon l'écran affiche cette erreur "Condensateur sous charge"

Equipment: BMI Biomedical - JOLLY-PLUS

RE: BMI Biomedical - JOLLY-PLUS
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I am looking for mainly the schematics and block diagrams. 

Equipment: GE AMX Navigate

Added  Jun 9 2024
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Where can i find instructions on how to set new technique settings for the protocols?

RE: Fujifilm - FDR Go Plus
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Hi,  I am in need of the service manual for practix 160.  please, email,

RE: Philips - Practix 160
Updated  May 23 2024
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Can anyone help me on my amx 4+, when exposed, the termination is fine and exposure light comes on but no RADIATION

When KV is increased for 50 to 70, the machine trips off at the CB

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX 4
Added  May 22 2024
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We have replaced the batteries with new one's, and it seems that the batteries do not charge, and the embty battery indicator stays on even after being plugged in for a night.

Also while plugged-in an indicator labeled ON lights green and next to it another indicator labeled UP flashes in red light.

Perhaps there is a certain procedure to the replacement of the batteries ? Or something that you need to do after the replacement?

I've searched for the service manual with no success.

Anyone have any idea what might be the problem.

Any help would be appreciated 

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - Sirius HP/HT 130
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Hi everyone, I have a AMX4 old with a charger G2. Does anyone know what are the test points of the charger? 

I have a problem with this X ray. I was given the equipment already open and batteries had been changed before I diagnosed it. It has new batteries,  but when I plug in the power cord and turn the breaker on, I can hear the fan working and theres is 112V in the bateries y TP10 and TP9 of the charger.  But when I put the main key to ON, only the k215 is energized(I can hear that the switch barely works). And there is normal voltages in the LVLE (15,5,-15,24V), I am not sure what else can I check in the charger. I dont know how to test the test point in this board and the Manual doesnt have too much info of this. Any help is welcome, thank you

RE: GE HealthCare - AMX 4 Plus
Added  May 17 2024
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Can I have a soft copy service and user manual?

Equipment: Schimadzu mobile dart evolution

RE: Shimadzu - MobileDaRt Evolution

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