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GE Healthcare - AMX II
por favor alguien puede ayudar con este problema no controla tiempo de disparo gracias por su tiempo

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX II

Cesar Vladimir posted 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 24 2020
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Siemens - Mobilett II
Good day house , please I'm having error 17 on my mobilett II mobile x-ray, please what could be done to get it cleared? House please help me please thank you =O

RE: Siemens - Mobilett II

Bad Frank replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 17 2020
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Siemens - Polymobil

I already check the cable and lamp and they are ok, both push button are ok. In D927 Led V59 is not turning on, there is no voltage in conector X7. Thank your for your help.

RE: Siemens - Polymobil

Tomelgy replied 9 days ago

Updated  Sep 14 2020
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Fujifilm - FCR Go
What is the FUJI collimator lamp voltage/wattage? Looking for a quick procedure write up on how to change the Fuji FCR GO1 collimator lamp. Thank you

RE: Fujifilm - FCR Go

MedWrench Kari replied 12 days ago

Updated  Sep 9 2020
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GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus
Hello everyone, please my GE amx 4 plus x-ray machine is not displaying anything on the screen but the machine is working (exposing) and charging but nothing shows on the screen. It was coming off and on before it eventually stopped displaying. Your support will be of great help and well appreciated. Best regards.

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus

Luis_Med replied 17 days ago

Updated  Sep 25 2020
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Digimed - Prox


RE: Digimed - Prox

Dr Shaharyar replied 2 days ago

Added  Sep 7 2020
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Siemens - Mobilett Plus E
Error 17 occur we changed the battery bank and D8 but error 17 still Please I need your help Thanks

RE: Siemens - Mobilett Plus E

Jokareem posted 20 days ago

Updated  Sep 3 2020
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GE Healthcare - Optima XR220amx
Hello. I bought an Optima XR 220 from a hospital owned practice that is now out of business. We have a generic login in order to take images. I need to be able to have IT login and change the IP address. I do not have the admin or service logon/password from the previous practice. Is there a way to find out the logon for this machine?

RE: GE Healthcare - Optima XR220amx

Bill McSharry replied 23 days ago

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Canon - RadPRO Mobile 40kW
Has anyone replaced the battery on the canon radpro 40 and what is the process? Also can someone provide the SERVICE MANUAL?

RE: Canon - RadPRO Mobile 40kW

Steve Secord replied a month ago

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Carestream - DRX-Revolution
when the tube is angled up about 12-20 degrees for a sunrise view of the knee, the green ready light turns white and an error messages says "machine in motion" Anyone else have this issue or find a work-around?

RE: Carestream - DRX-Revolution

davila posted a month ago

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