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I need some help with "Error Lamp Changer Fail" Thanks.


RE: Fujinon - EPX 2200
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Hi all,

I have a xenon nova 175 Karl Storz light source which had a lamp that had run up its working hour. After i replaced the xenon lamp the light came on for a moment, but after that the lamp and the heat sink just make this continious clicking sound and no light is shown from the lamp.

The fan and all other components seems fuctional but lamp will not turn on and makes this continious clicking sounds.

Any help is appreciated

Equipment: Xenon nova 175 Model 20131520

Added  Feb 27 2024
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Equipment: Hall 50

RE: Conmed - Hall 50
Updated  Feb 21 2024
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Could anyone recommend a website to purchase the on-off button for the 1188 HD Stryker processor?

Equipment: Stryker - 1188 HD

RE: Stryker - 1188
Updated  Feb 9 2024
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we have problem with our video laryngoscope, on rollerstand, sometimes when people touch the rollerstand with the metal blade of the laryngoscope the picture dissappear, we establiched this is due to static electricity, does anyone else seen this problem or know a fix for this? 

RE: Karl Storz - C-MAC 8401
Added  Jan 31 2024
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Cannot delete images

Equipment: Olympus - CV-190

RE: Olympus - CV-190
Added  Jan 31 2024
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Option is greyed out

Equipment: Olympus - CV-190

RE: Olympus - CV-190
Updated  Jan 30 2024
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When the scope is connected, the screen displays scope power off. How can I turn on scope power?

RE: Fujinon - EPX-4400
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We are trying to purchase the size 0 and 00 blades for this piece of equipment.

Equipment: ACUTRONIC - InfantView

RE: ACUTRONIC - InfantView

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