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Updated  Oct 18 2020
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Can anyone help with error 51, no appropriate solution mentioned in service manual

RE: Endoscopy

JBB replied 2 days ago

Updated  Oct 20 2020
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Olympus - OER Pro

What could be possible solution for error 51, for endoscope washer, OER 2, olympus......


RE: Olympus - OER Pro

T-Lobato replied 14 hours ago

Updated  Oct 18 2020
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Stryker - SDC HD Digital Capture System
Is there a way to download the media controller driver? The system is not detecting any signal from any source.

RE: Stryker - SDC HD Digital Capture System

JBB replied 2 days ago

Added  Oct 15 2020
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Stryker - 5400-50 CORE Console
My machine working properly only touch break I ordered new touch before I change machine goes down now not working no LED SIGNALS but voltage comes every wear . What is the prob

RE: Stryker - 5400-50 CORE Console

Shaaz posted 6 days ago

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Olympus - OTV-S5
Hello, please I need help with the above manuals, any help?

RE: Olympus - OTV-S5

MedWrench Kari replied 9 days ago

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Olympus - OTV-S7 PRO
This device was placed in Sadex solution by a junior OT tech. Now camera is showing blurred image with poor colors ND contrast. What should be done. Kindly help.

RE: Olympus - OTV-S7 PRO

MedWrench Mandy replied 14 days ago

Updated  Oct 1 2020
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Stryker - L9000
I'm having trouble with the light source which is experiencing erratic opration, it emits green and sometimes red light output but there are times that the unit is functioning well though it is hooked up to a voltage regulator ever since but still the problem persist, Would this mean that it has a Power supply module issue or the LED membrane illuminator itself?

RE: Stryker - L9000

Teksol guy replied 20 days ago

Updated  Sep 23 2020
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Smith and Nephew - 300XL
HI I need the service and operation manual for one equipment and its in diferent parts and i want to reconstruc it

RE: Smith and Nephew - 300XL

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

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Fujifilm - Standard Colonoscopes
I have an issue in the colonoscope fujifilm model EC-530WL3. If I want To supply air, I stop the hole in the center of the Air/water button with a finger, but the air does not exit from the air nozzle at the distal end. But, when I removed the air/water valve and closed the hole by finger, the air exit from the air nozzle at the distal end. But if I put the air/water valve and stop the hole of the center of the air/water button with a finger, the air does not exit from the nozzle. So, please help me. What can i do?

RE: Fujifilm - Standard Colonoscopes

CMB7 replied a month ago

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Karl Storz - AIDA HD Connect
Better Biomed Channel: Repair Storz HD Connect Software Issues

RE: Karl Storz - AIDA HD Connect

MedWrench Kari posted a month ago

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