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anyone knows a workaround for connecting system to a hidden WiFi network, the SSID field in Wireless Network Config is grayed out. and I can see 128 different WiFi devices in the list of network

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Elite MiniView
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Did anyone try to wrench the OEC Fluorostar 7900 to WLAN, I understand this is some form of  UNIX OS running this system, may need to use some kind of MOXA WiFi Bridge from LAN port due to compability with future repair/upgrade/resets etc. I m trying connect to Worklist and  DICOM RDSR to  Sectra DoseTrack.

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Fluorostar 7900
Updated  May 19 2023
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Does anyone have the PM , test and calibration procedures for this model C-arm?

RE: Hologic - Insight FD Mini
Updated  May 17 2023
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Hello, i need to know after how many years i have to change the generator tube of arcadis avant c arch from siemens. The machine is from 2008 and the tube was never changed. Its because i want to buy a second hand one and dont know if i should ask those things and not find myself in the position that i need to change the tube after short time of use. thanks a lot 

RE: Siemens - Arcadis Avantic
Updated  May 16 2023
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How do I find the battery on the mother board from the front of the machine? There appears to be two levels of the board, one with a blinking red light, and one under that. I don’t see anything that is in the shape of a CMOS battery. 

RE: Hologic - Fluoroscan Premier Encore 60000
Added  May 16 2023
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we have bv vectra, on startup it says '' Mains High''  , when clicking foot switch it says no-xray

can somone help us.

RE: Philips - BV Vectra
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Anyone know how to get this machine to start? 

Equipment: Hologic - Fluoroscan Premier Encore 60000

RE: Hologic - Fluoroscan Premier Encore 60000
Added  May 10 2023
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defaut pedal

Equipment: bv libere

RE: Philips - BV Libra
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I have Philips C-Arm BV-25 Gold Device

when they try to start the device at the starting screen it becomes like DOS screen and it shows error at top left (Alarm index: 081) and at bottom left (Alarm: not ready)

I believe that the device might needs installation of new Software. So if anyone has the software installation or Hard-Disk image kindly let me know and contact me

Thank you

RE: Philips - BV-25
Updated  May 3 2023
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I've hit a wall with a 9900 that I'm working on. I have no video output on any of the coax external outputs except J18 on the back door. I started by swapping the display adapter. No change. Swapped out the coax wire harness. No change. Updated to V.62 software. No change. Got desperate and swapped out the image processor and video controller. Still no love. Need some help here guys I don't know where to go at this point.

Equipment: GE 9900

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC 9900 Elite

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