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Updated  Jul 19 2021
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Good Morning, I have a c-arm, from the GE brand, the Brivo Plus, it is possible to obtain the keys to be able to access the calibration settings, it is that I have problems with the image. Thanks for your attention.

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Brivo
Updated  Jul 14 2021
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Hello everyone. Radiology technicians in my hospital tell me that from time to time, while Arcadis Varic is in an exam, the system gets blocked. I have been looking for error's log and I have found lots of errors: 2005 ASP_MSY. This appears a lot, and it seems it is related to CIPP card. 4170 ASP_MSY. 4191 ASP_MSY. 10103 ASP_BIC. 4150 ASP_MSY. Does anyone know what can be happens? And can anyone explain me what is the CIPP Card and what is its function? Thanks you.

RE: Siemens - Arcadis Varic
Updated  Jul 12 2021
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CRT images abruptly stopped, one after the other despite C arm functioning well. Still seems to be power to the monitors but not able to see any image. Thoughts?

RE: Philips - BV 300
Added  Jul 9 2021
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Adding Road Maooing and DSA to a 2005 system

RE: Philips - BV Pulsera
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Please, how do I install this machine? I need its Technical Manual. Thanks!

RE: Hologic - Fluoroscan Premier Encore 60000
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We replaced the Spellman DGM30P/532 Image Tube Power Supply in a 2013 Siemens Siremobil Compact-L, and now we need to adjust the Focus (G1, G2), Size (G3), and Plate Voltages. It appears that this requires a software GUI. Does anybody have the software (and instructions) ?

RE: Siemens - Siremobil Compact L
Updated  Jun 29 2021
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C-arm boots normally to 7 segment rotating cw. Collimator does search run ok & completes then there is a beep from the D1 at which point the lifting magnet of the collimator operates & the X-iris opens to maximum, the kv & mA displays at 00 then change to -- D1 replaced, component download completed with generator learning ok, D3 & collimator replaced! Any ideas thanks

RE: Siemens - Siremobil Compact L
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Hello, The central unit of Siemens Arcadis Avantic doesn't work. So we can't use the c-arm it seems that the motherboard is out of order. As the system is running Windows XP, we don't know how to proceed to reinstall the software. Can you help us? it seems that the motherboard is out of order. Thank you Sarah

RE: Siemens - Arcadis Avantic
Added  Jun 28 2021
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GE Innova IGS5

RE: GE - Innova IGS 5
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I need xv ionnova igs serie sevice class m doc,

RE: GE - Innova IGS 5

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