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Added  Apr 20 2024
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Stand hatasi 35 yardimini yeniden baslatin

Equipment: Philips bv vectra

RE: Philips - BV Vectra
Added  Apr 19 2024
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Can someone please help me with the service manual for the GE 9900 elite

Equipment: GE OEC-9900 elite

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9900 Elite
Added  Apr 18 2024
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What are the input video signal options of the OEC7700 split screen display?

Equipment: GE OEC7700

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 7700 Compact
Updated  Apr 18 2024
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Let me ask you a question.
There are two "SIEMens ARCADIS Orbic-arm", and the computer "a" (Celsius M720) fails, replicates the hdd of the other device "b" (Celsius M720), and boots the "a" computer.
It says that the service key is different at the start of the "a" computer syngo program, will it work normally if I get a service ski using the existing "flexid" in "a"?
Thank you.

RE: Siemens - Arcadis Orbic
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"SIEMENS ARCADIS Orbic Service Key"

Due to a hard drive recognition problem, a Service Key is requested since a new program is installed. Is there a public Service Key? I have a dongle.

  • ARCADIS VB13C (syngo VB13C)

RE: Siemens - Arcadis Orbic
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Hello, I have a case where randomly the error logging records the following events:

 W VSI  Error 40 (IDS Link status not Ok)

Warning IDS Link: # total bit errors detected the ethernet cable  ( value of "#" varies on each logging event) 

I have already checked the ethernet cable but seems ok and I cannot reproduce the failure. Could the DFI-3 cause this kind of problem?  any suggestion? Thx in advance

RE: Philips - BV Endura
Added  Mar 14 2024
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Arcadis Varic displays error ASP_ABE_E_222, software version VB13C..., Celsius M720Power computer!.

Engineer who would like to share his experience with this error!!

Equipment: Siemens - Arcadis Varic

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Hello guys, could you help me with the Schematics Manual of this C-arm ? my email is . Thx in advance

RE: GE HealthCare - OEC 9900 Elite
Updated  Mar 2 2024
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buenas tardes necesito cambiar de monitor el vivo por el referencia. pero el equipo reconoce al mismo a pesar de cambiar los cables y monitor. algun consejo de como hacerlo?

RE: Siemens - Cios Select

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