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Added  Sep 9 2022
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Hi everyone, any one can help provide the instruction how to calib the touch screen of mobilett mira. Tks in advanced.

RE: Siemens - Mobilett Mira
Added  Sep 8 2022
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Having an issue with the boom retracting back in. It’s hard to push back in. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

RE: Carestream - DRX-Revolution
Added  Sep 6 2022
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Does anyone have a service manual that shows replacing the tube stand vertical brake? (failsafe brake)

RE: Quantum - Q-Rad
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System off contract and Applications support is billable. $340.00/30 minute minimum Report needed, if possible, would need to be sent to our PACs for compliance

RE: Siemens - UROSKOP Access
4 Replies

Looking for an engineer to install this machine. 02089942527

Equipment: Axiom Artistos TX

RE: Siemens - Axiom Aristos TX
Added  Aug 9 2022
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what the meaning of the error can anyone provide service manual

Equipment: Wandong Medical Technology Co.,Ltd - F99-ICT

RE: Wandong Medical Technology Co.,Ltd - F99-ICT
Added  Jul 22 2022
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I am looking for service documentation fo this system. it is not available on the GE document library mainly user manuals are there. Thank you

RE: GE Healthcare - Uroview FD
Added  Jul 15 2022
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Hello to all, i have a problem of ecoray hf 525 xray. During turn on sometime there are light indicator of the control console and it will display but suddently it will turn off. But when turn off again then turn it on totally no light indicator lighted in Console control. Suspect the MIO board. During check there are no light indicators. And the two fuses 1.3 a and 10a have depliction of my multitester. Kindly help pls.What is the possible problem?

Equipment: Ecoray - HF-525 Plus

RE: Ecoray - HF-525 Plus
Added  Jul 9 2022
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Hello Folks, Can you help me to find out if the Varex X-ray tube RAD-12/Leo could be a good replacement for the X-Ray tube E 7843 Brivo DRF? Your help is highly appreciated! Thank you!

RE: GE Healthcare - Brivo DR-F

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