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Problem Desc: The original problem was that Error 711/80 was displayed when attempting to flouro. Gaskets and corona disks were replaced on HV cables at the tube end, and silicon oil was applied. Error 711/80 was cleared, but images were out of focus/blurry. After continuing to flouro, image quality improved until the problem was resolved. A few days later, out of focus/blurry images were reported with no error. Currently unable to reproduce the problem, system is functioning properly. Questions: What does Error 711/80 mean? What could cause intermittent out of focus images? Has anyone ever seen this problem and what was the solution?

RE: Siemens - UROSKOP Access
Added  Jun 26 2022
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How to perform and run the shimzdu xray

RE: Shimadzu - RADspeed Pro
Added  Jun 22 2022
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What is the battery pack configuration?!

RE: DRGEM - GXR Series
Added  Jun 20 2022
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Definium 6000 Generator error 80-1280

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 6000
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Generator error 80-1280 (4) heater 1 board com problem

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 6000
Added  Jun 19 2022
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Advice me how to solve errors L8

RE: Shimadzu - EZy-Rad Pro
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Hello everyone, We are a medium-sized medical clinic based in Niger (West Africa) and we are having a software problem with a 2008 GE DEFINUIM 5000 X-RAY following a computer failure (HP Z400). We would like to know if you know where we can find and buy the following software (Application and Linux-Operating system): D5K SW V3 (or latest version) for Z400 PC-- Application CD and Linux OS ? Or any compatible software for this X-ray. We have only one CD (operating system) and it does not work properly. And we are missing the second CD (application). Our device has been out of service for several months now and we are unable to find an adequate solution. Thank you in advance,

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 5000
Updated  May 30 2022
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Hello, I had just installed a Siemens Axiom Aristos VX Dr Plus X-ray machine. Each time I turn it on, an error code is displayed: error 126 from Apld : 24. Voltage out of range (D14 - 3 D TOP) error 128 from Apld : 24 Defective poti selected. How to solve this problem? Can you help me? My email address :

RE: Siemens - Axiom Aristos TX
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Got 765DC X ray. When powered up in the morning - it used to start in seconds. After time it was 10 minutes. Now - over an hour. After it starts it works properly until it is switched off for hours. I have checked all LED for faults. Only one (D34) is showing up the mains undervoltage supply too low. The mains voltage at the board had been measured - it seems to be ok (230V). I was thinking about the RT1 or RT2 (thermistors) - measured all ok. Test points have been checked. All electrolityc capacitors on the converter PCB had been replaced. The error 001 still shows for over one hour. Anyone has had the problem? I found on eBay US someone is selling the repair service for error 001 ..... so the problem exists in more cases.

RE: Gendex - 765DC Dental X-Ray
Added  May 23 2022
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Hello, I need error codes or service manual for Agfa dx d300 .

RE: AGFA - DX-D 300

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