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Updated  May 31 2023
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  • Red blinking continuously on the User Interface Board ,  connection not make between  NX workstation and Digtizer . I have changed FireWire Cable but still not working. In the PMI board led from the +12VOPT to the  +5VPMT, only +12V_CAN and +8VDSP led is on. Do I have to change PMI board or PMI power distribution board ? Please anyone help me in what to do next.

Equipment: Agfa CR 30-X

RE: AGFA - CR 30-X
Added  May 29 2023
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what does this error mean

Equipment: Fujifilm - FCR XG-1

RE: Fujifilm - FCR XG5000
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First show error Tube seasoning after I press rest button it shows V3 fault please I need your support

Equipment: R 108 F

Added  May 26 2023
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Getting the error code of E53

What would this be?

RE: Carestream - Kodak 8000
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Can you calibrate the ion chambers on the wall stand like any other ion chamber or is it done through software?

Equipment: AGFA - DR 400

RE: AGFA - DR 400
Added  May 23 2023
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Ion cahmber adjustment on wall stand

RE: AGFA - DR 400
Added  May 23 2023
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how to adjust ion chamber balance on wall stand

RE: AGFA - DR 400
Updated  May 22 2023
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I get a BDM Mismatch when turning on my X-Ray unit -Any pointers regarding this?

Equipment: GE Optima XR220

RE: GE Healthcare - Optima XR220amx
Updated  May 20 2023
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I have a problem in our DRGEM GSR-S There is coming Error 08 

Equipment: DRGEM - GXR Series

RE: DRGEM - GXR Series
Added  May 18 2023
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I have a several Aristos systems running VB21D application software, and all of them have random application errors causing the application to crash.  I have Ghost backups of each system, but the errors still show up.  I have a patch CD for VB21D, but do not have the full software disc for VB21A, B, or C.  These systems are EOL, and Siemens will not help.  I have also exhausted all third-party service companies.

RE: Siemens - Axiom Aristos MX

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