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Added  Jul 5 2022
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I want to configure a new pacs, Is there any full user to configure NX ?? or any way to do it ?? my mail:  THANKS!!!

Added  Jul 5 2022
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Hi! I have the error ref.MESS 310, I can enter with the user: rad and pw: rad, although I can use the program but it is annoying every time I want to add a new patient I get the error 310 and I have to close more than once the message to create a patient. Is there any solution ? I also want to configure a new pacs, Is there any full user to configure NX ?? my mail:  THANKS!!!

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Hello Folks, Can you help me to find out if the Varex X-ray tube RAD-12/Leo could be a good replacement for the X-Ray tube E 7843 Brivo DRF? Your help is highly appreciated! Thank you!

RE: GE Healthcare - Brivo DR-F
Updated  Jul 5 2022
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Tengo este error en mi equipo. Alguien lo ha solucionado?

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Problem Desc: The original problem was that Error 711/80 was displayed when attempting to flouro. Gaskets and corona disks were replaced on HV cables at the tube end, and silicon oil was applied. Error 711/80 was cleared, but images were out of focus/blurry. After continuing to flouro, image quality improved until the problem was resolved. A few days later, out of focus/blurry images were reported with no error. Currently unable to reproduce the problem, system is functioning properly. Questions: What does Error 711/80 mean? What could cause intermittent out of focus images? Has anyone ever seen this problem and what was the solution?

RE: Siemens - UROSKOP Access
Added  Jun 27 2022
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What is Tube seasoning

RE: GE Healthcare - TMX R+
Added  Jun 26 2022
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How to perform and run the shimzdu xray

RE: Shimadzu - RADspeed Pro
Updated  Jun 23 2022
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Hello, i have got regius 110hq, but original pc is lost, could anyone help to solve this? my email is

RE: Konica Minolta - Regius Model 110
Added  Jun 22 2022
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What is the battery pack configuration?!

RE: DRGEM - GXR Series
Added  Jun 20 2022
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Definium 6000 Generator error 80-1280

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 6000

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