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Added  Sep 26 2020
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AGFA - CR 85-X

It is self testing without proceeding to booting normally.

RE: AGFA - CR 85-X

Chiko posted 8 hours ago

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Hitachi Medical Systems - Clinix II
Please kindly send me the power system and switching schematic or if possible a service manual with all the drawings.

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - Clinix II

Rugkip posted 3 days ago

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GE Healthcare - AMX II
por favor alguien puede ayudar con este problema no controla tiempo de disparo gracias por su tiempo

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX II

Cesar Vladimir posted 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 24 2020
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Siemens - Mobilett II
Good day house , please I'm having error 17 on my mobilett II mobile x-ray, please what could be done to get it cleared? House please help me please thank you =O

RE: Siemens - Mobilett II

Bad Frank replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 21 2020
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Siemens - Multix Ease

Hello Friends,

I need Installation and Service Manuals of Siemens X-Ray machine Multix Ease. If any one have please help me.

RE: Siemens - Multix Ease

MedWrench Kari replied 6 days ago

Added  Sep 18 2020
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Hologic - Faxitron OR
Hi, I am having an intermittent issue with image capturing, where there's no image after exposure, basically white flat image. Is there any setting(s) that can be checked or something else is going on. Any help is appreciated. JA

RE: Hologic - Faxitron OR

JAlia posted 8 days ago

Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Vatech - PaX-400C
Hi I am searching for a service manual for a Vatech PaX-400C. Thank you.

RE: Vatech - PaX-400C

MedWrench Kari replied 9 days ago

Updated  Sep 19 2020
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Siemens - Multix Ease

Hello Friends,

I need Siemens X-Ray Machine Multix Service Manual. I would be grateful if any friend would be help.

RE: Siemens - Multix Ease

Medical equipments replied 7 days ago

Updated  Sep 19 2020
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GE Healthcare - Definium 5000

Communication error between the magic pc and the definium 5000 generator any idea... Any help?? 

RE: GE Healthcare - Definium 5000

Dilson Mendoza  replied 8 days ago

Updated  Sep 17 2020
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Siemens - Polymobil

I already check the cable and lamp and they are ok, both push button are ok. In D927 Led V59 is not turning on, there is no voltage in conector X7. Thank your for your help.

RE: Siemens - Polymobil

Tomelgy replied 9 days ago

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