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Added  Jul 3 2020
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Siemens - Polydoros LX 30/50
for service troubleshooting

RE: Siemens - Polydoros LX 30/50

Alexsatish posted 4 hours ago

Updated  Jul 3 2020
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Fujifilm - FDR Go
Hello, Could do you help me to find the meaning of the error F55, it appears during the charging process of batteries, Thanks.

RE: Fujifilm - FDR Go

SAGAX replied 9 hours ago

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Kodak - Point-of-Care 140
Please can I get help with the necessary dicom and printer settings that enable an agfa drystar 4500M printer connect with a kodak poc 140 (kodak QC software version 2.4)? I've tried everything and printer wont just print from kodak QC.

RE: Kodak - Point-of-Care 140

Duz posted 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 2 2020
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Toshiba - FDX3543RPW
Does anyone have a manual or any documentation?

RE: Toshiba - FDX3543RPW

MedWrench Kari replied a day ago

Updated  Jul 3 2020
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AGFA - CR 30-X
Can any people help to me with this error??thanks...

RE: AGFA - CR 30-X

AgfaDoog replied 2 hours ago

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GE Healthcare - Discovery XR656
Hi.eveyone Can any body help me for discovery xr656 database remove and creation commands and procedure.. Regards

RE: GE Healthcare - Discovery XR656

Kautar posted 3 days ago

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GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus
Hello, dear friends. I am looking for help to fix a mobile AMX 4 PLUS. During start up process, test 02 and test 03 fail. I do not have experience on this system. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus

Ty replied 3 days ago

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GE Healthcare - Discovery XR650
We had a huge power outage at one of our clinics and this room came back up but the Wall Stand detector would not work...noticed no power on the chiller...made sure the switch was on and still no power...checked AC coming into the chiller and it was dead...I have no training nor do I have documentation on this room...besides the Halo Relay board...which is what I think it is...what else could be causing the chiller to have no power?

RE: GE Healthcare - Discovery XR650

T-Lobato replied 4 days ago

Added  Jun 29 2020
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GE Healthcare - AMX 4
Hi, I have a GE Healthcare - AMX 4 with the 106 Error, I need the password for the diagnostic please

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX 4

Lmento posted 4 days ago

Added  Jun 29 2020
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Fujifilm - FCR XG1
Cr not working CR give error 44103 plase help

RE: Fujifilm - FCR XG1

Khan 46 posted 4 days ago

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