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Added  Apr 19 2021
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GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus
What kind of studies can I do with the AMX 4+?

RE: GE Healthcare - AMX 4 Plus
Updated  Apr 13 2021
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Gendex - Expert DC
Does the error code "Err1" usually mean that the converter board needs replacing? The service manual says that the main voltage is out of range. But our line voltage is fine. Does anyone have some feedback on this?

RE: Gendex - Expert DC
Updated  Apr 13 2021
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Fujifilm - FCR Prima T2
Dear, I have a problem with my fcr prima T2. When I start it the display release a error code 373. Please, can you help me? Many thanks

RE: Fujifilm - FCR Prima T2
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Picker - Explorer
Hello We have portable radiography of the model of Picker - Explorer in our training group, which has been unused for several years, and now the lights near the keys turn on, but the device console itself does not turn on. Can someone please email me Map of electrical circuits for this device ( Best Regards Dr Chaparian

RE: Picker - Explorer
Updated  Apr 12 2021
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Quantum - Q-Rad
Dear all, I'm facing a problem with a Quantum generator: There is no way to adjust large focus. When I'm trying to modify the filament offset parameter I can't reach 300 mA and I'm stopped to 70-80 mA. Moving the slide bar over to a certain value I've got a filament exposure parameter error. The small focus is working properly and I can easily calibrate it. Do you have any suggestion?

RE: Quantum - Q-Rad
Updated  Apr 15 2021
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AGFA - ADC Compact Plus
CR doesn't complete self test. Error service 2249F

RE: AGFA - ADC Compact Plus
Added  Apr 7 2021
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Siemens - MULTIX PRO
Can anyone provide a PM form and PM maintenance instructions for a SIEMENS MULTIX PRO?

RE: Siemens - MULTIX PRO
Updated  Apr 8 2021
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Viztek - Opal CR System
Hello all, Can the Viztek Opal-CR use other types of CRMD 4.0 subtypes? ours came with the CRMD general 4.0'T' and we have only replaced it with the 4.0T. CanViztek Opal-CR use other types like the 4.0 or 4.0R? I will dive into the manual that I was able to recover, but thought I would ask you pros! Thank you. -Andrew

RE: Viztek - Opal CR System
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Fujifilm - FCR XG1
el problema que suscito esque al momento de realizar el escaneo setrabo el cassette y el sistemadejo de funcionar, hasta el momento seprocedio segun lasindicaciones en elmanual de servicio pero no se halla el problema por tal que solicito su colaboracion con este problema

RE: Fujifilm - FCR XG1
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Kodak - Directview CR 850
Hello After 3 days without being used, today when you turn it on, a message appears saying that the front door is open, which is not correct. We can access the patient information modules but we cannot scan the cassette.

RE: Kodak - Directview CR 850

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