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Philips - Allura Xper FD10
Hi, we are a medical charity working in the war zone of Idlib, Syria. Right now, we are having major issues with a Philips Allura Xper FD10 Cath lab. this is in one of our charity hospital. the power board in the m cabinet keeps resetting during procedures and locks all movements of the table and stand. this is the message we are getting: geometry is restarting: do NOT change SID after this, sometimes it starts working again with "limited" movements. but most of the time it totally locks all movements. Please can you help.

RE: Philips - Allura Xper FD10
Added  Sep 7 2020
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Philips - Integris BH5000

RE: Philips - Integris BH5000
Updated  Aug 5 2020
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Siemens - Axiom Artis MP
I need service manuel for Siemens - Axiom Artis Best regards

RE: Siemens - Axiom Artis MP
Updated  Jun 2 2020
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Siemens - Artis one
I need help! On the re installtion of the software on the system. I have all CD's but i dont have licsence key and Doc to install. Please with usual kindness drop me the PDF version of file for instraction also Licence key

RE: Siemens - Artis one
Updated  Mar 2 2020
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We'd like to get a user and maintenance manual for the siemens 10763512 cath lab system (SN 1346)

RE: Cath/Angio
Updated  Feb 19 2020
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GE Healthcare - Innova 2000

Dear Sir, about "GE Innova 2000".
Every morning the Arch become slow or does not work. After turn off and turn on some times the system start to work in low speed.  Is this a common defect in this system? Does anyone have any tips to fix the defect? Regards..

RE: GE Healthcare - Innova 2000
Added  Jan 12 2020
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Philips - Allura Xper FD20
INTEGRIS ViSUB; Rel: 7.1.1; Image Quality; 4522 220 94863; 2000-02-29, Or better all programming floppies togeder

RE: Philips - Allura Xper FD20
Added  Jan 6 2020
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Philips - Allura FC

Dear all. I have problems with Allura FC Philips I can make expouser but on image in live monitor Only I have error in live monitor Signal from camera check connection... restart application 


Please help me

RE: Philips - Allura FC
Updated  Dec 23 2019
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Hi, I have a Zeiss OCT and the viewfinder camera image doesn't stay up consistently. It won't disappear during a scan, only when left idle for a while. In it's place is a white screen with the brightness and contrast settings, the same screen that shows up for a few seconds as the system first goes into scan mode. So far, the image has been coming back up when I reboot the system (Windows 2000 Pro). Software version is Stratus 7.0.0 I don't know if it's something in the head where the camera is, an issue with the CPU port, or something else. Any advice, links to service info, etc would be greatly appreciated.


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