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Updated  Aug 16 2021
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Hello, I have a Siemens Multix Compact with Err 0043, what does it mean??

Updated  Jul 26 2021
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My shimadzu x-ray machine UD150L-E goes off in the middle of exposure for higher mAs above 28mAs, what could be the cause?

RE: Shimadzu - UD150
Updated  Jul 1 2021
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My Shimadzu UD150B-30 has started shooting inconsistently. The Tech's are complaining about intermittently changing image quality. I've acquired exposure waveforms with an XD-88, and found that the exposure time is intermittently 404mS, regardless of the time setting. Also, when this occurs, the waveform stair-steps down. Any ideas?

RE: Shimadzu - UD150
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Does anyone have this service manual? Im trying to figure out how to get the table top off....

RE: GE Healthcare - Compax 40E
Updated  May 12 2021
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Hi does anyone know why the wall bucky my have trouble locking into place intermittently? The issue usually only occurs when a case is open. Works fine when there is not patient case.

RE: UMG/Del Medical - CMP 200
Added  Apr 7 2021
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Can anyone provide a PM form and PM maintenance instructions for a SIEMENS MULTIX PRO?

RE: Siemens - MULTIX PRO
Added  Mar 30 2021
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What is the table weight limit for a summit s222-hd xray table?

RE: Summit Industries - Radiology Room Systems
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Hi All, I am having above problem. The unit can not reach READY state during PRE. Hence I have carried out the following procedure to try and isolate the problem; 1. Checked and confirmed Tube filament glows during the PRE. 2. Checked and confirmed coil (XYZ) resistance on the Rotor (Anode) and it within the range. 3. Checked and performed continuity test on the cable (XYZ) between the Rotor and the Terminal Board and it looks ok 3. Replaced new Stator and tested but still did not fix the problem. 4. Checked from continuity test on cable between the Console panel and Generator and it looks ok. 5. Checked for loose connection on the ribbon cable on the console panel and test but still did not fix the problem. Please I need help to get unit fix asap. Thanks and regards, Martin Jack

RE: Shimadzu - UD150
Updated  Feb 9 2021
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My siemens X ray shows Error 001 and Error 032. Sometimes Error 001 disappeared. Month ago Error we had a same problem and was solved by itself. But we are not sure what was the real reason. Let me know the possible reasons

RE: Siemens - Multix Fusion
Added  Jan 13 2021
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Electrical wiring diagram

RE: Siemens - Multiphos 15

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