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Updated  Nov 29 2022
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Does anyone have a copy of the link for the spotscan calibration.

RE: Verathon - BladderScan BVI 9400
Added  Aug 19 2022
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Hi I see alot of people asking for help with the BVI 3000. I am looking for a calibration procedure and the stuff needed to carry out this process. I saw in the thread that someone give a part number but this is just for the master key purchase. I heard we also need the string phantom. Does anyone have a complete procedure with the at least the names of the products needed for the calibration process. I have no more options since it is end of life and Verathon is not servicing it anymore.

RE: Verathon - BVI 3000
Updated  Jul 14 2022
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portable ultrasound signosRT with start give recovery mode this mode was entered as device was unable to start correct

RE: Signostics - SignosRT
Added  Apr 13 2022
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Buongiorno a tutti, ho questo scanner vescicale biocon 900 che una volta acceso non si avvia ma rimane sulla schermata con la dicitura cubescan. qualcuno ha dei consigli da darmi per risolvere?

Updated  Mar 31 2022
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Does anyone have a PM Manual for this Portascan 3D Bladder Scanner to share?

RE: Laborie Medical - Portascan 3D Bladder Scanner
Updated  Feb 25 2022
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What is error #215 means and how to rectify?

RE: Chattanooga - Intelect Transport Combo
Updated  May 28 2021
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My device has Error: Loss of Ultrasound data.

RE: Verathon - BladderScan Prime
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I have 2 sites with the device above, it is a Urodynamics unit that is of course EoL & no manuals available from most recent OEM, Laborie. Does anyone have, as subject line says, a Service Manual or PM procedure ? Operator states unit working fine. 1 Site Urology department due for PMs. Any help appreciated.

RE: MediWatch - Multiscan PVR
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Does anyone have an access to a working MediWatch / GE Portascan+ (PA-00253)? Card with the firmware in my unit died and there are two ways to revive it:

  1. get a copy from a working unit, OR
  2. use service tools

Does anyone have an access to either? I have the service manul but it doesn't hint for any portal with resources.

RE: MediWatch - Portascan+
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We have two BioCon 700's that start scanning before the scan button is pushed. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? It seems odd that both devices have the same problem.

RE: Medline - BioCon CUBEscan 700

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