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Added  Jan 22 2020
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Chison - i7
i am looking for Chison i7 WinXP and Win7 Software.

RE: Chison - i7
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Aloka - SSD-900
please send me instruction mannual in English language for Aloka ultrasound SD 900 thank u

RE: Aloka - SSD-900
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SonoSite - M-Turbo
Hello , I have an MTurbo with p21x transducer, but It misses the option of pw doppler and doppler cardiac functions, how can I enable them?

RE: SonoSite - M-Turbo
Updated  Jan 21 2020
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Philips - iU22
Hi, Hope someone can shed some light on this problem. I have an old IU22 that has been great. However, recently, it will not boot up all the way. The power source first started making a sound like the fans are not spinning smoothly, now it boots up to the 60 counter and stalls for long time, then shuts off. Any knowledge on this condition would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Philips - iU22
Updated  Jan 20 2020
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What does the VGA port at the bottom of the machine do? Can I get a live video/image from it?

RE: Ultrasound Systems
Updated  Jan 21 2020
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Philips - HD9
Hello, how to get dicom licence and service key. For HD11 XE I have key generator and it works (on Envisor too), but with HD9 it not compatible?

RE: Philips - HD9
Updated  Jan 21 2020
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Siemens - Acuson X300
Hello. I want to check what licenses are activated in my system. Does anybody know how to do it?

RE: Siemens - Acuson X300
Updated  Jan 20 2020
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Hitachi - HiVision Preirus
I'm looking for part numbers for a trackball and a operator panel for a Hitachi Hi Vision Preirus, if anyone has any answer please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Seth

RE: Hitachi - HiVision Preirus
Updated  Jan 22 2020
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Toshiba - Aplio XG
Hey, just wondering if anyone has the updated service codes for 2020?

RE: Toshiba - Aplio XG
Updated  Jan 16 2020
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Samsung - PT60A
need a battery pack for pt60a. for brazil. pn mi43-01002a or hcubat-26m tanks.

RE: Samsung - PT60A

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