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Added  Jan 22 2021
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Bard - Site~Rite 6
How do I reset time and date on Site Rit 6

RE: Bard - Site~Rite 6
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Philips - EPIQ 7
Customer said that the units lock release works when not plugged in to the wall. Is this a battery problem.

RE: Philips - EPIQ 7
Added  Jan 22 2021
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HP - Sonos 7500
I changed Doppler board without success in getting non distorted image PW & CW working fine

RE: HP - Sonos 7500
Added  Jan 22 2021
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Kontron Medical - Imagic Elite
Does anyone have any manual for the imagice elite 5'000. I found one at my new job, and the documents are missing, it has a blinking green light, and system is not booting.

RE: Kontron Medical - Imagic Elite
Added  Jan 20 2021
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Aloka - ProSound Alpha 5
Looking for a user manual for the Aloka

RE: Aloka - ProSound Alpha 5
Added  Jan 20 2021
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Toshiba - Aplio 400
Our institutional Toshiba Aplio 400 elastography is not working well. The colors are showing but do not conform to the expected outcome. How can this be solved, what settings should we change or is there a manual that can help?

RE: Toshiba - Aplio 400
Updated  Jan 20 2021
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Siemens - Acuson X700

RE: Siemens - Acuson X700
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GE Healthcare - Logiq C5 Premium
First time you try to turn on, nothings happens, the ON/OFF buttom change to green but system doesnt iniciate. But if you keep it like that for a while, when restarting it turns on normally. Someone with the same error?

RE: GE Healthcare - Logiq C5 Premium
Added  Jan 18 2021
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Toshiba - Aplio XG
I need service keys of xario & xario xg 2021 please send me if any one have aaroca266@gmail.com Thanks

RE: Toshiba - Aplio XG
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GE Healthcare - Voluson 730 PRO
the system will not boot up, it will always freeze on the same screen during boot up sequence. But if i press F1 it will boot up all the way. Any suggestions?

RE: GE Healthcare - Voluson 730 PRO

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