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Added  Dec 9 2022
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Microsoft jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time . Any solution? Please

RE: GE Healthcare - Voluson 730 PRO
Added  Dec 8 2022
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Hello everyone. Our machine got an issue. Once it started "no boot" message appears. When I entered to BIOS to check hard disk is "not detected". I pull out hard disk, using another computer to check if it runs. Yes. It's is run on another computer. Voltage from aps to HDD cable is also 12v, 5v. Is anyone got issue like this?

RE: GE Healthcare - LOGIQ P5
Added  Dec 7 2022
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Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me figuire out how to troubleshoot with the Channel Walk test. I've found that it is not to bad to troubleshoot channel boards with it that have had massive failures useing the board function. However when the failures are reletively minor like a few elements droping out it is harder to troubleshoot which component is the trouble with the transducer being confirmed good with another machine / The machine haveing the same drop out on all transducer connectors. Any info would be much appreciated.

RE: Philips - iU22
Updated  Dec 7 2022
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Hi dear i have a problem with Philips HD3 software .. when I turn system on, the booting process ( philips logo shown and loading bar coming to middle of bar and so stops) look like freezing. what can i do? please advise

Equipment: Philips - HD3

RE: Philips - HD3
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Hello, I have SIEMENS SONOLINE G50 device, the customer has printer RICOH affico SP 4100N and we need to connect it to the device, I have the printer's drivers but cant access the windows of the device to install the printer and on presets menu there is no option to select printers from sub menu or a menu to let me install the printer's driver as in ACUSON X150 - X300 ... X700 Also noticed that when I try to enter service menu it asks me for password so if anyone can help me with the password and the steps how to install external laser printer I would be very grateful

Equipment: Siemens - Sonoline G50

Added  Dec 3 2022
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Anyone still remember or have docs on the Sequoia LCD system rev 12 and hopefully have input on reinstalling a perspective PC

Equipment: Siemens - Acuson Sequoia 512

Added  Dec 2 2022
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Interpret the following error codes: 0030.YYB3W753.0

Equipment: Philips - CX50

RE: Philips - CX50
Added  Dec 1 2022
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Looking for a PM procedure and checklist. Thank you

Equipment: BK Medical - Flex Focus 800

RE: BK Medical - Flex Focus 800
Added  Nov 30 2022
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I have 2 Acuson P300 machiines that need repair. 1 needs a new LCD screen and the other won't start. It attempts to boot up, makes a clicking sound then shuts down. I haven't found anyone in the New England Area that repairs them. Cn anyone help or direct me on how to repair them myself.

Equipment: Siemens - Acuson P300

RE: Siemens - Acuson X300
Updated  Nov 29 2022
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Does anyone have a copy of the link for the spotscan calibration.

RE: Verathon - BladderScan BVI 9400

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