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The Remote control has error 70 when is turned on and could be able to do its function , so please Is there any solution for this error ? 

Equipment: Schmitz - Diamond

RE: Schmitz - Diamond
Updated  Feb 16 2024
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What is the weight of the  Shampaine 2605 surgical table

RE: Getinge - Shampaine 2605
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Looking for the PM procedures for the Hana 6875 and Jackson Table 5803

RE: Mizuho OSI - Hana
Updated  Jan 26 2024
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anyone happen to have an actual schematic for the

P150832-830 power supply? interested most in the P150832-742 main board.


RE: STERIS - 4085
Added  Jan 19 2024
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I just replaced a Controller Unit board and now I get a service error when using the hand control.

I'm assuming a calibration is needed after the new board, but don't have the procedure. Does anyone have the service manual?

RE: Getinge - Maquet Meera
Added  Jan 9 2024
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I need something showing the actual table weight.  I shipped one to a customer and the freight company said it was 2000lbs, including pallet.  My actually weight was 818 with pallet.  Please advise

RE: Getinge - Shampaine 1900
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Need the service manual for the surgical table Axis 300, producer Schaerer Medical AG.

Thank you!

Equipment: Schaerer Medical AG - Axis 300

RE: Schaerer Mayfield - Axis 350
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Does anyone have a service manual for Amsco Surgical Table model BL57727-200?

Leg sections not raising correctly. 

We get some rise on leg sections but then it hits a point where it starts tilting main table back. 

Faulty hydraulic tube or limiter switch maybe??

Can email manual to:

Equipment: Amsco surgical table

Updated  Oct 10 2023
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How i can get acces to service mode

Equipment: Hologic - MultiCare Platinum

RE: Hologic - MultiCare Platinum
Updated  Aug 12 2023
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I have IDI 100UC that shakes/wobbles when trend motion is actuated. 

Has anyone seeing this?

RE: Image Diagnostics Inc - Aspect 100UC PLUS

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