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I am in need of several replacement parts to keep my Dre Integra VSO2 machines running. Our previous supplier has been bought out and the new staff have been excessively slow and generally unhelpful. Does anyone have any alternative channels I might explore? Specifically I need

-O-Rings and gaskets

-Pop-off valves

-Pop-off valve indicator tape

-One-way diaphragms

-Diaphragm covers

-Pressure gauges

Thank you!


RE: Anesthesia Gas Machine
Updated  Sep 16 2020
Updated  Aug 26 2020
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Draeger - Narkomed GS

Narkomed GS

Dry rotted O2 tubing looking for source correct tubing size and material type for oxygen.

I found the Clippard URH1-0402 as a replacement for ML08007

I not found a replacement for ML08003 yet.

RE: Draeger - Narkomed GS
Updated  Aug 13 2020
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Anmedic AB - Falcon SE
Hello Can anyone assist with a Service manual for the Falcon SE Anesthesia workstation?

RE: Anmedic AB - Falcon SE
Updated  Aug 13 2020
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GE Healthcare - Carestation 620

I need the service manual CARESTATION GE 620 A1 ANAESTHESIA MACHINE to enable connectivity between the monitor and our internal systems. Thank you

RE: GE Healthcare - Carestation 620
Updated  Aug 13 2020
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Draeger - Fabius Tiro
Dräger - Fabius Tiro displays error upon turning it on. I was wondering if you could help me with a service manual or a solution.

RE: Draeger - Fabius Tiro
Updated  Jul 15 2020
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GE Healthcare - Avance  CS2
My display unit doesnt have a slot to insert the service card. Where do I insert it.

RE: GE Healthcare - Avance CS2
Added  Jul 2 2020
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Spacelabs - Blease Datum L

I need to identify this code number: Blease datum 13062330

RE: Spacelabs - Blease Datum L
Updated  Jun 28 2020
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GE Healthcare - Carestation 650
Hi Would anyone have the service manual to share? If you could send me thank you

RE: GE Healthcare - Carestation 650
Updated  Jun 23 2020
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Draeger - Narkomed GS
Looking for service manual for Narkomed GS

RE: Draeger - Narkomed GS

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