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Updated  Jul 18 2019
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Dräger - Narkomed 6400
Where can I get the Service Manual for this equipment?

RE: Dräger - Narkomed 6400

MedWrench Mandy replied a year ago

Updated  Nov 11 2019
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Datex Ohmeda - Aespire S5
I need the Steps to do the service calibration for the Aespire 7100 & 7900 or the service manual for them my email : thanks in Advance

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Aespire S5

Erin Register replied 9 months ago

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Caliper Life Sciences - Xenogen XGI-8
We have the XGI-8 Gas anesthesia system for our IVIS Spectrum and need to conduct the annual calibration of the vaporizer. We purchased an additional vaporizer to install while the current one gets calibrated. However, the vaporizer we received does not have the correct fitting to be installed in the XGI-8 system. In addition, taking the vaporizer on and off seemed quite complicated, especially detaching the plastic tubes. Could you please provide the correct information of 1) the vaporizer to order and 2) how it is installed? Thank you. Sincerely, Simona

RE: Caliper Life Sciences - Xenogen XGI-8

sulsapj replied a year ago

Added  Jun 30 2019
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Dräger - Narkomed 2C
Need to replace brittle tubing. What are the dimensions for the two sizes of tubing? Service manual only lists 1/8" Tygon. Doesn't list both sizes and doesn't specify inner and outer dimensions.

RE: Dräger - Narkomed 2C

rick.trexler_2459 posted a year ago

Updated  Dec 16 2019
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Dräger - Fabius Plus
Please, i need a service manual of Fabius Plus.

RE: Dräger - Fabius Plus

Pedrobmneto replied 8 months ago

Added  May 31 2019
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Dräger - Narkomed 6000
Hello, We tested and PM'd a unit here in the States and shipped it overseas as a donated unit. When the machine got there, we were informed that the video is not working. Only an error message displayed stating "No Video Detected". We are assuming something got disconnected during transportation. Will be grateful if someone can help us out to rectify this issue. We currently don't have Antoine volunteering with expertise to handle it for us.

RE: Dräger - Narkomed 6000

mesee posted a year ago

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Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation
Por Favor mi estimada COMUNIDAD necesito el manual de usuario de esta maquina de anestesia Datex ohmeda s/5 Avance de antemano Gracias

RE: Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation

ChrisB replied a year ago

Updated  May 17 2019
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Caliper Life Sciences - Xenogen XGI-8
Looking to connect our Xgi8 to the house vacuum line. I am struggling as to what line to attach to the vacuum system. Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Caliper Life Sciences - Xenogen XGI-8

MedWrenchManager replied a year ago

Added  May 8 2019
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Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation
What are exact differences between Software Version 8.00 & Version 6.22?

RE: Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation

Troubleshooter posted a year ago

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