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Added  Jun 12 2021
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Dear colleagues, I have an Error 3 on a PantOs3 , can anyone help ? Could you help with service manual. Thanks

RE: BIOTEX S.A. - BlueX PantOs 16 XP
Updated  Jun 1 2021
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How to fix this?

RE: Carestream - CS2200
Added  May 30 2021
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hi, does anyone know how to find the orthoralix 8500 detector configuration disk?

RE: KaVo - Gendex Orthoralix 8500
Added  May 23 2021
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Dear all I have purchased a OPG machine model: Pax-150C brand: Vatech. After switch on the system it becomes Ready but when we press exposure switch the rotation try to start but system restarted and give alarming "System check up is requested". Anyone please help me to solve the problem.

RE: Vatech - PAX-150 C
Updated  May 13 2021
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A neet calibration for gendex orthoralix 8500 dde panoramic xray

RE: KaVo - Gendex Orthoralix 8500
Added  Mar 30 2021
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my machine isnt working its on but wont turn or move up and down, is there any way to maybe reset the machine

RE: Soredex - CRANEX® Novus
Updated  Feb 16 2021
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I would like to find the service manual for x-ray BI Image-X Evolution by Borgatta Specialities. If someone could help me I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

RE: Borgatta - BI Image-X Evolution
Added  Feb 11 2021
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Added  Feb 4 2021
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Hi, we are getting an error code EC02. The manual says its "rotating imaging assembly does not move to position". What do we do to fix the problem?

RE: KaVo - Gendex Orthoralix 8500
Added  Jan 14 2021
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I bought a preowned sensor for my gendex 9200 x ray , but sensor configuration CD was not included , someone can help me ?

RE: Gendex - Orthoralix 9200 DDE Dental

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