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Updated  Oct 6 2020
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the head of our panoramic carestream kodak 8000 has lost its oil due to a fisure of its container and must replace same. do you know the type/specs. of tshuch oil? thanks

RE: Carestream - Kodak 8000
Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Hi I am searching for a service manual for a Vatech PaX-400C. Thank you.

RE: Vatech - PaX-400C
Updated  Aug 11 2020
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Hello, I needed anyone who had service and troubleshooting documentation for this Ortho Carestream CS 8100 equipment, I would like to thank those who sent me. regardes My email:

RE: Carestream - CS 8100 3D
Added  Jul 8 2020
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preventive maintenance

RE: Takara Belmont - X-Caliber
14 Replies

Dears gREETINGS We are using C arm bv 25 1993, we are facing a problem when making an exposure, no image display on the monitor - the x ray is ok, by using old film - no errors display - The radiation LED is turns ON while exposure please help, what possible cause for this thanks

RE: Philips - BV-25
Updated  May 18 2020
16 Replies

Does anyone have a service manual for a Gendex Orthoralix 8500 Dental X-ray?

RE: KaVo - Gendex Orthoralix 8500
Added  Apr 18 2020
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hello every one... the single pulse mood does not work when i try pressing the button ,and the button LED not lite... please help

RE: Philips - BV-25
Updated  Mar 14 2020
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When you attempt to take a panoramic shot the unit will stop when it hits the first switch . It will produce a sliver of an image approximately half an inch. Then it will give the message kV measurement problem. Additionally it will give the error Overvoltage_ kV_2 E04. I ohmed out the switch to ensure it was not the problem. I checked all fuses. Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Carestream - Kodak 8000
Updated  Feb 21 2020
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Can i order part of orthopantomograph OP200D, And the part is camera supply board for my op200d Thanks..

RE: Instrumentarium - ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP200 D
Updated  Jan 28 2020
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Hello, I am looking for an Operations/User Manual for the Belmont Acuray 071A dental x-ray machine. Does anyone have a copy of the manual that they are willing to share? Or does anyone know where I can find one to download or purchase? Thank you, joe

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A

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