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Good day to all, I have a problem, on a device I am servicing there is a problem with 1 ST optics connector, the thing is that the connector is working well but the lock mechanism dosen't work, so the unit loses connectivity if the optics cable is moved. I tried finding the connector for the PCI card so I can replace it, but wasn't able to find any, and buying the complete card isn't a option because its really expensive. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appriciated. Best regards, FIlip.

RE: Soredex - CRANEX® D
Updated  Sep 19 2019
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unit wont power up completely. only beeps when any key touched. possible switching power supply gone bad. need service manual. thanks

RE: Schick - CDR PanX
Updated  Apr 10 2019
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In search of Service Manual for Gendex Orthoralix 9000 Dental Unit

RE: KaVo - Gendex Orthoralix 9000
Added  Apr 3 2019
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I Was wondering if I would be able to email someone a few bad images recently coming from a Kodak 8000 Pan and you might be able to steer me in the right direction as to what might be causing it. I tried to upload the images here but was not able to, Joe Dixon 9416286889, Thank you

RE: Carestream - Kodak 8000
Added  Apr 1 2019
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please I need the technical / service manual for FONA panoramic x-ray of model '' art plus C ''

RE: Fona - Art Plus/Art Plus C
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I took a pano today and the pano worked but did not come up on the computer and the message says no license on file

RE: Planmeca - Proline XC
Updated  Jan 19 2019
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anyone need a sirona ortho 3?? I am taking one out of a clinic in 2 weeks. for sale or parts

RE: Sirona - ORTHOPHOS 3
Added  Nov 29 2018
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I need the wiring diagram

RE: Takara Belmont - 071-A
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I need to get hold of a Users Manual

RE: Philips - Oralix DC III
Updated  Aug 16 2018
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I need to service manual of Philips Bv-25 Gold. Please help me. Email:

RE: Philips - BV-25

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