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GE PDM. Question, if anybody know the purpose of components inside the Top Casing of a PDM that connects a 10 pin to the center of the Mainboard? Externally, it appears that something glides/attaches to the top side of the Module with GE logo, there are two Ports that engages. 3rd party Top covers omits this feature of course. Nothing in the manual and nothing online that I could find.

RE: GE Healthcare - PDM Carescape Masimo
Added  Aug 17 2022
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Good morning, I wonder if M3001A MMS module with serial number prefix DE907 is compatible with an IntelliVue MP70 monitor hardware revision B.00.18 and software revision M.03.03. Current compatibility matrix charts I've found don't list the M software revision which is the reason I'm asking here. Thanks, Jack

Equipment: Philips - M3001A MMS Module

RE: Philips - M3001A MMS Module
Updated  May 13 2022
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Hi, I am new to CO2 MMS. Can you give me suggestions where a vacuum leak might commonly be? I believe its in the soleniod, is it repairable/refurbishable? I've taken apart the solenoid and pulled/extended the spring to give more tension to rest on the valve? Didn't help. I've check all other seals and o-ring but they seem okay. My tester is good and the hoses hook up directly to the assembly.

RE: Philips - M3015A CO2 MMS Module
Updated  Mar 15 2022
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How do you open unit for troubleshooting

RE: Philips - M8023A X2
Updated  Mar 8 2022
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There any one know how to reload driver information on this unit? Please help, in advance Thank you.

RE: Philips - EC10 IntelliBridge
Updated  Dec 3 2021
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I have one of these recorders that has a cracked roller gear and it is slipping. Does anyone know where i can source these.

RE: Philips - M1116B
Updated  Aug 20 2021
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Hi I need to know if the Marquette 451n with Nellcor Oxismart can be used with the Nellcor Oximax spo2 finger probes by using an adapter cable. And if so what is the part number please. We accidentally purchased some 451n trams thinking they were oximax units but instead were the oxismart . All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

RE: GE Healthcare - Marquette TRAM 451N

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