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Added  Mar 28 2024
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The wax bath temperature is 3C deg higher than the set temperature.

how do I get into the sensor calibration mode?

(and as always...anyone found the Service manual? (no, not the User Manual))

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore Arcadia H
Updated  Aug 3 2023
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The instrument will not turn on. The LCD is not displaying anything. The main power switch turns on, illuminates, and the two 10 A fuses on the back test fine. I've measured ~120 V AC on the terminal bar inside the back. I've tested all of the fuses I can find after removing covers, and all have continuity. I tested continuity of the on/off switch and it opens and closes fine. It reads 15 V AC at each of the switch posts though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

RE: Leica Biosystems - EG 1160
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Can we unplug the HistoStar to get the paraffin solid in all tanks so that we can move it with no spill. Then replug it in the new building, wait few days to reheat all the paraffin: will the device be working nice again? Thanks

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - HistoStar
Added  May 2 2023
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Does anyone know how I can get rid of the error code? I know that it means that "The temperature of the left tray is higher than the upper temperature limit." The temperature setting has been turned down and I have rebooted the instrument a few times already but it is still giving me an error code. TIA!

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore Arcadia H
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Hey guys! I have cold plate that works perfectly fine but beeps intermittently... Not sure why, would anyone have a service manual? TIA!

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore Arcadia C
Added  Feb 21 2023
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Does anyone have the users manual? I need it to achieve my quality goals in the lab

RE: Sakura - Tissue Tek TEC 4
Updated  Nov 24 2022
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Error #02 and no cooling and heating, anyone knows the reason and solution?

RE: Leica Biosystems - EG 1160
Added  Nov 7 2022
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necesito el manual de servicio de ese equipo

Equipment: Thermo Electron Corporation Shandon Histocentre 3 con módulo de placa fría

RE: Thermo Scientific - Histocentre 3
Added  Sep 23 2022
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I need Operators manual

Equipment: Leica Biosystems - EG 1140

RE: Leica Biosystems - EG 1140
Updated  Sep 13 2022
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Hi! Does anyone know where a TEC 5 battery is located? I need to change it. I have an E9, "low battery, call service", error. Parts supplier assures me I can change it. Thanks in advance!

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek TEC 5

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