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Added  Jun 29 2024
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I cannot get the lever to move the legrest down to come forward.   it worked before now it wont. what am i doing wrong? thanks

Equipment: driver Cruise III wheelchair

RE: Drive Medical - Cruiser III
Added  Oct 31 2023
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How to take leg foot support off?

RE: Medline - 2000 Wheelchair
Updated  Oct 31 2023
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how to take foot support off.  Need less weight when lifting wheelchair into back of car

Equipment: Medline - 2000 Wheelchair

RE: Medline - 2000 Wheelchair
Updated  Oct 25 2023
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The left Legrest release lever works fine. However, the right Legrest release will not move up or down (no motion when the lever is engaged. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the problem?  Thanks

RE: Drive Medical - Silver Sport 2
Added  Aug 31 2023
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Would like a copy of a service manual for the above model to repair my wife’s a wheelchair

Equipment: Std18ecdda

RE: Drive Medical - Sentra
Added  Jun 6 2023
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Fold wheelchair for travel 

RE: Drive Medical - Cruiser III
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My existing shower chair has SA  by TFI on the label.  The model number has the first numbers missing ending in 12.  Is there a way I can see pictures of your shower chairs to select one like I have.?  The bar code is: 42681 003 2 2.  Hope this can help since I don't have the complete the model number.

Thanks, Ron Cawein

Equipment: Lojer Group - Shower Chair 4080

RE: Lojer Group - Shower Chair 4080
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How do I download an owners manual?

Equipment: Drive Medical - Viper Plus GT

RE: Drive Medical - Viper Plus GT
Added  Dec 17 2022
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How can I access user manual online?

Equipment: Crusier X4

RE: Drive Medical - Cruiser X4
Added  Nov 20 2022
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How do I do this

Equipment: Drive Medical - Sentra EC Heavy Duty Extra Wide

RE: Drive Medical - Sentra EC Heavy Duty Extra Wide

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