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Updated  May 7 2022
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RE: BTL - 2000
Updated  Apr 15 2022
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Hello, I just purchased from another seller, and the users manual is in CD format, which I can't use. I need a pdf to download.

RE: Chattanooga - 2782 Intelect
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We have a Neuroprobe 500 Pro. Our laser test tip (remote probe) is worn out. The connecting cable looks bad. Looking for a new one. The model is 230500. We need help to find one. We'll appreciate any help provided. My email is egalindo@cimworks.es.

RE: ACP - Neuroprobe 500 Pro
Updated  Feb 22 2022
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I need a troubleshooting about the intereferential

RE: Dynatronics - Dynatron 850 Plus
Updated  Jan 18 2022
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How do I get into service mode? Dynatron Solaris 709 Plus

RE: Dynatronics - Dynatron 150+
Updated  Dec 26 2021
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What is the cost for this unit?

RE: American Imex - Interspec IF II
Updated  Dec 1 2021
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where can I get operation manual #100485

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Do you sell this cable or can you order it for me? part number 48758. Cost about $20. Thanks Tim Branigan

RE: ACP - Omnistim FX2 Pro
Updated  Nov 26 2021
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My machine comes up with error code 389. What's wrong with this equipment? Can I have the service manual of this unit? Regards. Wingding22

RE: EnRaf Nonius - Sonopuls 492
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please help me find leads/wires for the dynatron 500 I think there also may be a way to connect using some type of adapter? with other leads?? anyone know??

RE: Dynatronics - Dynatron 500

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