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I do have back pain for 2 weeks and I dont get to know if this pain is because of small bed frame or because of bad quality of mattresses. I then change my bed frame but still the pain was there. Then I decide to change my mattress and I never feel pain after. but still dont get any idea, this pain is cuz of mattress or because of both?

Equipment: Oliver Smith Mattresses

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Does anyone have a service manual for a Hercules Patient Repositioner

RE: Sizewise - Hercules Patient Positioner
Updated  May 9 2021
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working on a therapy surface with Error code ACB-31 anyone have info on this error? thanks!

RE: Hillrom - P500 Therapy Surface
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XPRT mattress works for several minutes then stops operating, then Serv. Req. By Qual. Pers. appears on footboard display under Bed Surface tab. I have changed the XPRT Pulmonary mattress and then XPRT control box and then the short gray cable from bed frame to control box, still getting message: Alarm Service Required By Qualified Personnel. I can reset error by unplugging XPRT Control Box, then it operates several minutes and message reappers.

RE: Stryker - XPRT Mattress
Updated  Feb 18 2020
Updated  Feb 3 2020
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We have been calibrating our Sentry 1400 pumps from Tridien Medical for some time. Now every time we calibrate a pump (using the same method we always have) we keep getting Calibration Errors on the last 3 pumps we have calibrated. We have tried redoing the process like the manufacturer suggests when getting an error, but still the calibration error remains. Looking to see if anyone has had this or a similar issue with this product or similar products. It is a Sentry 1400 from Tridien Medical. Low-airLoss, alternating pressure mattress system. Thanks.

RE: Tridien Medical - ST 1400
Added  Feb 10 2017
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Is a user manual available?

RE: Hillrom - ClinActiv Plus
Added  Dec 17 2015
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Please would you send a user manual for a ClinActiv Plus Pressure redistributing therapy system by email to:


If you cannot supply it please let me know.

Kind Regards


RE: Hillrom - ClinActiv Plus

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