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Updated  May 30 2021
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Alma Lasers - PicoClear
Please let me know if anyone has a manual to share

RE: Alma Lasers - PicoClear
Added  May 30 2021
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Asclepion - TattooStar R
Hello I have a problem in this laser "power supply error, code 901" I checked the device and almost every thing works well except the q switch, it does not receive the power it needs. Could you help , please . Thank you

RE: Asclepion - TattooStar R
Updated  May 29 2021
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Lumenis - VersaPulse PowerSuite 80/100W
Hi, At first I had the laser connected to a 220V step up transformer, but sometimes it would turn off due to the step up transformer not having enough power for the laser, but sometimes it would stay on and go through the screens with no issues, but I decided not to run the laser until we hook it up to a True 220v line that we were thinking of hooking up to. So the issue that I am having now is that, after adding the distilled water to the reservoir due to low level of water, I turned on the machine, and now I'm getting a red screen with a message that says "Casesaver Feature activated" so I clicked continue and it went to the laser control screen, but with limited power. So I decided to run the true 220V line to our basement to run the machine directly to a 220V line, but when I turned it on, that "Savecase feature mode" is till popping up. Does anyone know how to disable that "savecase feature mode" ?

RE: Lumenis - VersaPulse PowerSuite 80/100W
Updated  Apr 9 2021
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Lumenis - NovaPulse
The manual suggests that there is a disconnect somewhere between the foot press and shutter. Anyone work past this issue? We were helpfully told to "ensure the press was used firmly"...

RE: Lumenis - NovaPulse
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Meridian - Merilas 532a
What is Error 06? Does somebody have a service manual of the merilas 532a?

RE: Meridian - Merilas 532a
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Coherent - 7970
Hello, I need to know what is the temporal separation between pulses for the burst mode train of pulses. Thank you Luis

RE: Coherent - 7970
Added  Feb 26 2021
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Cutera - Excel V
Need Clinical Guidelines for both handpieces for US customers

RE: Cutera - Excel V
Added  Feb 21 2021
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Alma Lasers - Accent Family
Error - Flow switch off . I noticed the 2 fans are not turning?

RE: Alma Lasers - Accent Family
Added  Feb 21 2021
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Alma Lasers - Accent Family
Are there any Technicians in Cape Town ?

RE: Alma Lasers - Accent Family
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Lutronic  - Spectra
Can anyone share to me a copy of Lutronic Spectra VRMK Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser? My email is

RE: Lutronic - Spectra

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