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Someone who has been able to solve this error, please help me

Equipment: Lumenis - AcuPulse30/40ST

RE: Lumenis - AcuPulse30/40ST
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Vendo o Scambio laser diodo microlase oftalmico, completo di valigia con altro strumento diagnostico oftalmico usato

Equipment: Keeler - Microlase Diode Laser oftalmico

RE: Keeler - Microlase Diode Laser
Added  Oct 18 2023
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2010 Lumenis Acupulse. Have been having superficial aesthetic treatment power converge failure at startup, maybe HVPU or re-gas? No re-gas in at least 8 years, maybe never.

Equipment: Lumenis Acupulse

RE: Lumenis - AcuPulse Duo
Updated  Oct 18 2023
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Need part or repair of Candela Trivantage handpiece-end umblical spring-tension contact. (504) 228-3959

RE: Syneron-Candela - AlexTriVantage
Updated  Sep 27 2023
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I am a technician in a hospital in Nigeria, I have checked the two fuses at the back, there are okay, I opened the machine and checked the switch, the switch is active there is dc supply from the rectifier to the filter capacitor and even to the entire power board but couldn’t find the reason why it’s not coming on


Updated  Aug 31 2023
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Good day,

I am experiencing problems with a meridian microruptor V. When started it detects error 17 - attenuator possition not recognised. I tried to repair the attenuator - open it, cleaned the coils and the magnetic disk of the motor, measured the coils - all read ok dc resistance. When started the machine, the attenuator moves as supposed to, but displays error 17. Could somebody help with a service manual, or protocole to use the port of the device. I would be very grateful to any help. Thank you in advance!



RE: Meridian - Microruptor V
Added  Aug 30 2023
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Error 87 power deviation more the 20%

Equipment: ZEISS - Visulas 532

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532
Updated  Aug 10 2023
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El equipo no encendía. Logré solucionar el problema ya enciende pero ahora el láser no dispara ni da algún tipo de error.Antes de la avería  de la fuente el equipo funcionaba correctamente. Alguien me podría ayudar?

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532
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El Zeiss Visulas 532 no encendía, abrí la fuente de alimentación y encontré algunos componentes mal. Se los cambié y ahora enciende pero el láser no dispara.Hace todos los protocolos antes del disparo pero no dispara. Antes de la avería de la fuente de alimentación funcionaba todo correctamente. Alguien me puede ayudar? Hay algún manual de reparación?

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532
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I have a code error of 501,514,703 and also starting Power supply fail how to fix

Equipment: Lumenis - VarsaPulse powersuite 100w

RE: Lumenis - VarsaPulse Select II

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