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Updated  Aug 14 2020
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Is there a circuit breaker or fuse that could have blown?

RE: Ellex - Ultra Q
Updated  Aug 14 2020
3 Replies

How to get in the service (maintenance) mode ?

RE: Syneron-Candela - Vbeam
Updated  Aug 11 2020
1 Reply

For soprano XL,do you know how to adjust the setting interface to increase the laser power under SHR mode? If somebody can provide the maintenance manual for this model, please contact me.

RE: Alma Lasers - Soprano XL
Updated  Aug 1 2020
1 Reply

Service29 on initial setting

RE: Coherent - 7970
Updated  Jul 8 2020
1 Reply

After a voltage jump, the control console does not work. The "WD" error - red, STBY ERROR - yellow light is also on the board. I can't find the service guide. I ask for help.

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532
Updated  Jul 1 2020
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What does F40 and F56 mean?

RE: Lumenis - Selecta II
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Would anyone please send me a copy of the Service Manual for Keeler MicroLase 810nm Diode Laser photocoagulator ? The problem is the Rod Cavity has burnt out. I need to replace a new one. But need Service manual to Calibrate the Laser. If anyone has any version please email me a copy or send me the link to download. Thank you.

RE: Keeler - Microlase Diode Laser
Added  Jun 8 2020
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Just need to review the applicable settings for types of procedures.

RE: Lumenis - 1041S, 1055S, 1081S
Updated  Jun 2 2020
3 Replies

Hello, I want to know if someone have a manual of this equipment . on screen appares ERROR #86 Very thanks

RE: Lumenis - NovaPulse
1 Reply

El equipo tiene dos fuentes de alimentación, una fuente de alimentación de entrada universal de 100 vatios proporciona la placa de control y otra a la placa de estimulación del sistema con 24 voltios de CC. LA fuente de alimentación de la placa de control no me da los 24V , esta en cero, mientras que la otra si, lo cual ocasiona que mi pantalla no encienda, verifique que un transformador no funciona , dicho esto, ando en busca de esta refacción, en dado caso , tendria que comprar una fuente ¿ Alguna sugerencia o ayuda para solucionar dicho problema?

RE: Chattanooga - Vectra Genisys

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