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Added  Aug 16 2022
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Where can I get Cutera Excel HR Alexandrite Flash Lamps? Please help

RE: Cutera - excel HR
Updated  Aug 8 2022
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Trying to repair my co2re. The aiming beam is not centered properly. I've got the thing opened up. Any advice on aligning the aiming beam properly? I'm having a tough time...

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE

RE: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE
Added  Aug 8 2022
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I have an Elite ELMD with a dump error E16- dump always on. It is not the power supply causing this, since we have had it examined and it was not coding out other machines. What else could be causing this error? Any advice would be helpful. .

Equipment: Cynosure - Apogee Elite

RE: Cynosure - Apogee Elite
Updated  Jul 25 2022
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Candela GentleYAG mini error 14 what about this error.

Equipment: Candela GentleYAG Mini

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini
Updated  Jul 1 2022
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The problem is intermittent. More prevalent with smaller spot size

RE: Cutera - Enlighten
Added  Jun 24 2022
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The machine was working perfectly yesterday and today does not turn on. Any ideas

RE: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo
Added  Jun 22 2022
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Hello, Our device's liquid scale has a problem. The values on the screen change randomly. I think there is a problem with calibration. Could someone help me about it?

RE: Solta Medical - Vaser 2.0
Added  Jun 15 2022
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What's error 6.4 and error 19.1 and what is the solutions for candela mini gentleyag?

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini
Added  Jun 14 2022
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after changing lamp how to clear the message "W71 replace flashlamps by 1.5m shots"

RE: Cynosure - Accolade
Added  Jun 11 2022
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Cynosure Icon, less than a year old. I am having issues with the foot pedal. I can get about 2-4 shots before it seems to lose pressure and not refill with air. I have to manually disassemble the foot pedal and it will refill with air, then works for another few pulses. It seems like there is something in the tube (which I don't think is possible, there's no open ends) or there's an air filter that may need changing??

RE: Cynosure - Icon

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