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Updated  Apr 4 2024
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After using the laser for about 10 minutes, the screen slowly stops responding to touch commands. Is this due to the touch screen itself failing, or is there a board that needs to be replaced? Anyone know the generic service codes for the CO2re? It has the old software.

RE: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE
Added  Mar 28 2024
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Lumenis Sharplan 40C Surgicenter Manuals / Documents 

PDF link on your website to this document does not work. Could you please provide updated PDF link.

Equipment: Lumenis - Sharplan 40C

RE: Lumenis - Sharplan 1020
Updated  Mar 28 2024
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I have a problem 84 and 79 on a Lyra - can anyone help me solve that problem please - Thank you 

RE: IRIDEX - Laserscope Lyra-i
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What is the meaning of Lumenis Resurfx M22 Error Code 2093

Equipment: Lumenis M22

RE: Lumenis - M22
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can anyone help me the machine is showing error 84 and 79 - it was sored for a year - was working fine - could this be related to low water level? thanks

RE: Laserscope - Lyra I
Added  Mar 25 2024
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What problem is it?

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini
Added  Mar 23 2024
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I need a copy of the operating manual for zimmer cryo 5 mode.

Equipment: zimmer cryo 5

RE: Zimmer - Cyro 5
Added  Mar 19 2024
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Kindly provide me with a link to  a user manual document for the i-Lipo. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Equipment: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo

RE: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo
Added  Mar 5 2024
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Hi,  I am getting error 110 on startup on my Starlux 500.  I have purchased and installed another flash card with same revision level. as indicated by the service manual with no good results. Same error.  Has anyone else experienced this fault?  Any direction would be greatly appreciated. 

Equipment: Cynosure - Starlux 500

RE: Cynosure - StarLux 500
Added  Mar 1 2024
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Need maul

Equipment: Lumenis Lightsheer

RE: Lumenis - Lightsheer

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