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Added  Jan 24 2023
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Getting these errors on my cutera excel HR. I've recently replaced the pump, and flow switch, both configured correctly. My reservoir is not empty, and the fill reservoir also has water in it. But I still get these errors. I tried replacing the reservoir cap/sensor too, but that did not fix the codes. Anyone got any tips?

RE: Cutera - excel HR
Added  Jan 17 2023
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Filling up the water tank

Equipment: Lumenis - LightSheer DUET

RE: Lumenis - LightSheer DUET
Added  Jan 17 2023
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Who knows how to rebuild a laser head and explain to me how to do that I will pay for the service Equipment: Cynosure Elite

RE: Cynosure - Elite+
Added  Jan 17 2023
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password deka synchro pressed the STAND BY key Nobody knows the password Is there any solution please help Willing to pay for the service

RE: Deka - Synchro HP
Added  Jan 12 2023
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Hello Do you have a Candela Gentlelase mini and Pro for sale ? Samtime I want to buy Excelitas TLX302 HVPS too please let me know do you have this devices Many Thanks Yusif Fatullayev

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE Pro

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE Pro
Added  Jan 6 2023
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Having errors 23 and 35 on a 2011 Lumenis Ultrapulse. "POST FAILED" and "ENERGY INTEGRATOR DEVIATION". I have the sense that these are related, but am unfamiliar with these errors. Anyone have any idea what to fix here?

RE: Lumenis - Ultrapulse Encore
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Dear all!, I am facing problem in Mediostar next machine which is about 10years old. The machine doesnot enter in ready mode.Machine displays error cooler time out fault.I request u to guide me I also request you to kindly share more details about chiller module and normal temperature of R1 and R2 of the cooler module. Thanks in Advance

RE: Asclepion - MeDioStar NeXT
Updated  Dec 9 2022
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Where is the by-pass connection

RE: Cynosure - Palomar Starlux 300
Added  Nov 20 2022
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I need to reconnect the foot pedal wires (white, brown, yellow and green) to the 4 pin connector. Would appreciate if someone could tell me the pin/wire connection pattern. Thanks

Equipment: Cutera - XEO Platform

RE: Cutera - XEO Platform

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