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Updated  Feb 14 2022
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Please can someone explain more on GE Healthcare-AssetPlus

RE: GE Healthcare - AssetPlus
Added  Jul 28 2021
Added  Jul 28 2021
Added  Jul 28 2021
Updated  Jan 16 2020
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Am asking if there's a cmms software for a medium company. 1000 machines,12 engineers

Added  Mar 22 2019
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I would recommend adding PM time to perform when you add a PM schedule. Please don't "wing it", but use your own historical data. Export out a 3 year total of you workorders, combine the hours through some excel magic, and create a pivot table by equipment type. Use these values as a starting point and adjust as necessary. This has several benefits. You can bench mark your technicians, you can properly distribute work load, and you can track efficiency year to year. Please remember that to accomplish something you have never done, you must try somethings you have never tried before.

RE: Phoenix Data Systems - AIMS
Updated  Feb 5 2019
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I am looking to opinions on a RFID asset tracking solution for a small facility. Thanks

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