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Updated  Aug 8 2022
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Trying to repair my co2re. The aiming beam is not centered properly. I've got the thing opened up. Any advice on aligning the aiming beam properly? I'm having a tough time...

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE

RE: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE
Added  Aug 8 2022
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I have an Elite ELMD with a dump error E16- dump always on. It is not the power supply causing this, since we have had it examined and it was not coding out other machines. What else could be causing this error? Any advice would be helpful. .

Equipment: Cynosure - Apogee Elite

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The height adjustment is not coming down. The Amber light that goes off when bed height is down is on. When I click on the up adjustment botten or the up adjustment footer, I hear a click sound but for the down, no click sound and no response for the bed to come down. What could be the problem?

Equipment: Hillrom Versacare P3200

Added  Aug 8 2022
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How to write an essay if you don't have much time

Equipment: Essay

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Hello All, I am having trouble with Medtronics ACT Plus show error 69. What is "Error code 69" means? And how to fix it. Thanks

RE: Medtronic - ACT Plus
Added  Aug 6 2022
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I require the GE MVP Micro Equipment Diagram

Equipment: GE Healthcare - MVP Micro

RE: GE Healthcare - MVP Micro
Updated  Aug 6 2022
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The Bed I am working on has gone up, but it's not lowering again. What should I do?

Equipment: Hillrom - VersaCare P3200

RE: Hillrom - VersaCare P3200
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x-ray controller board calibration?

Equipment: Hologic - Insight FD Mini

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Tube installation steps with calibration

Equipment: GE brivo CT 385

Added  Aug 5 2022
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Good evening, i need help please. My GE vivid S5 suddenly stopped detecting electrode. What do i do please? The machine comes up but the probe doesnt come up.

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Vivid S5

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