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Added  Jan 27 2023
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Neither the pendant nor staff controls are responding. The control box has a green light...

Equipment: Joerns - Bari 10A

RE: Joerns - Bari 10A
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Our Beckman L7 ultracentrifuge stopped working after not being used for a few months. The vacuum comes on and I get all 3 lights, but it won't spin up past 800 rpm.

Equipment: Beckman L7 ultracentrifuge

Updated  Jan 26 2023
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Error: Expired tag I get this error when plugging a shaver into the console. Is this an error with the console or with the handpiece?

RE: Stryker - 5400-50 CORE Console
Added  Jan 26 2023
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how to fix error F5F while charging? malfunction indicator lamp is appearing in F5F mAs. please help

RE: Fujifilm - FDR Go
Added  Jan 26 2023
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Battery went dead. Replaced it and now it comes up on Home screen but the touch screen is not responding. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Equipment: Hydrafacial by Edge

Added  Jan 26 2023
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how to fix F5F error charging, appearing F5F Malfunction Indicator Lamp mAs?

Equipment: Fujifilm - FDR Go Plus

RE: Fujifilm - FDR Go Plus
Added  Jan 26 2023
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Good afternoon we need the IFU for cleaning the probes

Equipment: Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)

Updated  Jan 25 2023
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During the overpressure verification test, the relief valve doesn't open way past the max threshold of 325 mmHg for adult and only gets triggered at 335 mmHg. Same with neonate, doesn't open at max threshold of 165 mmHg and only does at 180 mmHg. Is there a way to fix this?

RE: GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE V100
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Hello, Can anyone help me with a problem? the screen show the following msg '' Image intensifier or camera not read. may someone guide me how to fix this problem. thanks in advance

RE: Philips - DuoDiagnost
Added  Jan 25 2023
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how much BSS is needed to prime the pump

Equipment: Alcon - Centurion

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