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I work on the beds at this hospital but am not firmiliar with this bed. The bed does not go down as much as it is supposed to. How do I correct this? I am aware that I have to go to computer board

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Updated  Jul 20 2017
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Hi! I was looking for the manual for the Hill-Rom 425 model bed but I could not locate it. If anyone does have it, shoot me an email at tom.punnen.815@k12.friscoisd.org with the manual. Thanks!

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Added  Jan 24 2015
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Does anyone have a copy of the PM procedure which is section 6-7 through 6-14 of the service manual?

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Updated  Sep 12 2014
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Need user & service manuals for Affinity 4.Or is Affinity 3 manuals applicable? How to save the e-learning courses to teach the nursing staff?

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help help is there anybody who has or knows how to get a affinity 4 birthing bed 4 service manual which i can download , enabling myself to train other workers...please reply ...

many thanks


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