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Updated  Jul 8 2020
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ZEISS - Visulas 532
After a voltage jump, the control console does not work. The "WD" error - red, STBY ERROR - yellow light is also on the board. I can't find the service guide. I ask for help.

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532

T-Lobato replied a month ago

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ZEISS - Visulas 532
Please does any one know the ocular port size for Carl Zeiss -OPMI 6 ch microscope matching for transmission to a HDMI monitor or a projector thanks mike

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532

mccariel posted 2 years ago

Updated  May 29 2018
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ZEISS - Visulas 532
looking for an assembly to replace the physician safety filter, error 23 conditions.

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532

Edgar23 replied 2 years ago

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Equipment Name: ZEISS - Visulas 532
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