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Updated  Nov 24 2021
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im very confused because when i connect my 1540 handpiece to do a calibration, it always fails and it says that i need to clean handpiece which i already drained the handpiece my other regular handpieces work and i dont have issues just with the 1540 is there anyone that can help.

RE: Cynosure - StarLux 500
Updated  Nov 11 2018
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I am getting the error code clean hand piece No matter what hand piece I put on the machine. They are all clean, whats going on? Is it a quick fix or do I need to bring in a professional?

RE: Cynosure - StarLux 500
Added  Jan 14 2018
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any specifics about correctly flushing/cleaning the cooling fluid system?

RE: Cynosure - StarLux 500

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