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Added  Feb 12 2024
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Life Science,

i have worked on the Amsco 3000 series for a while and i do have some suggestions,  you can contact me at

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000
Updated  Feb 4 2021
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Component Failure

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000
Updated  Jul 26 2018
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Hello I have a 3023 lab sterilizer. This machine has 2 control boards as it has been referb by steris and now is a renaissance. I keep loosing time and date there is a 2k battery and 8k someone mixed these up and now I'm not sure what control board receives which battery and there are jumpers to move on each control board for this. Steris wants $500 for the manual as the lab indicates they do not have the manual and i can not locate one online. Can anyone help me?

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000

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