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Added  Oct 14 2021
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Anyone might have a Manual for Carestream /Quantum Q-DRT need to see the layout of the push/pull assy that hold the tray in out position so you can put the Detector in tray it seems the try is not locking anymore

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Updated  Apr 9 2021
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Dear all, I'm facing a problem with a Quantum generator: There is no way to adjust large focus. When I'm trying to modify the filament offset parameter I can't reach 300 mA and I'm stopped to 70-80 mA. Moving the slide bar over to a certain value I've got a filament exposure parameter error. The small focus is working properly and I can easily calibrate it. Do you have any suggestion?

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Updated  Aug 14 2019
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My center chamber is shooting a bit hot. What's the procedure for adjusting that?

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Digital medical X-rays: The DRX Plus 3543 for general radiology is faster, lighter and more reliable, as compared to the DRX-1 Detectors, and there is also the DRX Plus 3543C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications.

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Added  Apr 20 2017
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Looking for service password for A Quantum Medical Qrad DRS

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