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Updated  Feb 17 2024
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I have voluson s10 bt16, with 3 probes (3d abdominal, curved abdominal and 3d vaginal)

Recently i have a problem that during examination and after unfreeze there is hyperechogensity that it is not possible to examine the patient and see and details of structures. It stays for a couple of seconds then improve gradually till it back to be normal again.

The problem is the same across the 3 probes. 

What it might be ? And how can i fix it?

Equipment: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10
Updated  Oct 24 2023
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I need to configure the Worklist on the Voluson S8 and Voluson S10. 

Apparently this part is disabled on both machines. 

I need the Service password or the service manual which explains 

how to activate and configure the Worklist. Can someone help me?

Equipment: Voluson S8 and S10

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10
Updated  May 15 2020
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Dear all, Someone could get the service manualof Volunson S10: I already searched this in several healthcare websites without success. If somebody can help me on it i would thank. Best Regards

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10

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