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Has anyone experienced door squealing issues with the 633HC? We've had the door screw assembly replaced several times by Getinge and the squeal has returned. Any one else familiar with this? Thanks, Sarah

RE: Getinge - 600HC Series
Updated  May 21 2020
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I need advice on a fault code ( steam diff).

RE: Getinge - 600HC Series
Updated  Apr 19 2016
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Please confirm the part number for Getinge 669 :





RE: Getinge - 600HC Series
Added  Jul 27 2014
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no display of operation indicators


RE: Getinge - 600HC Series
Updated  May 15 2014
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Does any one have a service manual they would be willing to share on the Getinge 633 HC sterilizer. Keeps coming out with wet loads. I does not seem to be doing a good post vac. Any Ideas would be good. it. I just need a manual.

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